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its ok i guess

posted by Runthrough81 (READING, PA) Jun 4, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

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I bought this game right after finishing up forza 2. WOW its the same game with a few different cars and tracks. The graphics were great the customization was great but this game is identical to forza 2 to me so i never finished it. Just wish i didn't spend 60 dollars on it. I guess this is a english made game cause the music and gameplay is as fun as the english tv shows. I fell asleep at the wheel.

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SOOO much better than 1 and 2

posted by kruetz57 (ROCKFORD, IL) Oct 30, 2009

Member since May 2006

11 out of 13 gamers (85%) found this review helpful

ok right off the bat i love the forza series, and ive noticed that when i first got number 1, i pretty much instantly knew this was not a game for 12 year olds (which is how old i was at the time) but the newers ones are way more kid freindly and i have to say this one has one of the biggest game improvements ive ever seen, the music may not be better but everything else is, the cars are awesome, the tracks rule, driving is incredibly realistic, and i love these new additions 1. driving is about 5x more actiony then in 1 and 2 2. they FINALLY added a cockpit veiw 3. you can now customize ALL the cars where as in 1 and 2, you could not do ANYTHING to the R3 and up cars. and i also like the change of winning cars, in 1 and 2 you won a car every event and before you even got 1/4 through you were up to your neck in cars that you could only sell for 100, now you win a car every time you level up, in 1 and 2 you unlocked a car every 5 levels and i like this new change, overall i think the game absolutely rules and i would reccomend it to ANY and ALL racing game fans!

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Best Racing Simulator

posted by Catfish25 (MINNEAPOLIS, MN) Dec 1, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

8 out of 10 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

For those who think this game is boring I should remind you that this is not Need for Speed. This is a real racing simulator that does not need a story line. If thats what you need to keep you interested then this is not a game for you.

The graphics are perfect. The number of cars available are amazing and flawless. The feel of the car you chose is very different from the next. The detail of this game is extreme. When your car pulls off the track you can feel your car getting pulled by the grass since the tires on the track are going to be spinning faster than the tires off the track. You can tune and manipulate your upgrades to make the car ride exactly how you prefer whether its understeer or oversteer that complements your driving skills.

The feel of each corner and the power ripping out of the turn into a straight-a-way is great, very very fun. It is definitley a must play if you are a fan of real racing games. This beats the pants off of Gran Turismo.

The online storefront is cool. You can put your cars up for auction with other Forza players, purchase other car designs and even purchase car tunes from other creators. You can post pictures of your creations and show videos of your race if you really want.

I did not like how you can rewind your mistakes during races. Also on a minor issue, when you try to put decals or paint on your car the shapes or decals you chose are not able to be flipped. So if I put a design on the passenger side and I want it mirrored on the driver side it's almost impossible. Unless I dont know what im doing which is a possibility. Regardless this has nothing to do with the actual racing aspect of the game.

I think the racing season could have been presented differently but still its all about the actual racing, when you are behind the wheel, that this game really shows how amazing it is and really kills any other racing simulator.

Hands down the best racing simulator on any platform.

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