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Very Good

If you haven't tried this, time to update the Q

posted by BYOBKenobi (RAHWAY, NJ) Aug 26, 2008

Member since Aug 2008

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The goal of the game is to win races(obviously). When you win races, you earn "credits" (money) that you can use to buy new cars or build up the cars you own. The credits also go towards building up your driver. Achieving higher driver ranks gives you bonuses. Some levels unlock races, cars, discounts, etc.

In the beginning winning is easy because you can build your car far beyond the competition and have plenty of room for error. This is when the game got boring for me. I almost sent it right back, but then I unlocked a later "series" of races that is restricted by class. Class basically means how "good" your car performs. As you improve your car, its Performance Index goes up. When the races are restricted by class, you have to pick and choose your upgrades to stay within the class. This is where the game got intense.

As you progress into the later races you are in tighter and tighter competition that only gets faster and faster.

The complaints I have are minor.

First, over Xbox Live the hit detection and timing among racers is terrible. I gave it a try with a friend of mine from the next town over and it looked like he was bouncing everywhere. I'd clip his bumper and spin out and he would swear it didn't happen and that I was making things up. I've only raced online with him so far, so I may have to give this game another point later if the latency issues are minimal over time.

Secondly, when you accidentally go off the track you start accumulating "penalty" time. That penalty time goes against your time, and from what I can tell, lets the computer catch up/pass you worth that amount of time. When you take a turn too tight to take the lead with a straight shot to the finish and the computer passes you at a speed his car could not possibly go you will want to snap the game in half.

All in all the game is a tight racing game with plenty of details for the gear heads and plenty of playability for everyone else.

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forza rocks

posted by fmlmcd (BEDFORD, TX) Apr 25, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

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forza is awesome and so realistic and so addicting and its so fun. once i played it for seven hours straight its awesome

its a buy

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A Worthy Addition to the Racing Sim Series

posted by BlueBird (CLEMMONS, NC) Jun 7, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

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The original Forza Motorsport, released for the Xbox in 2005 and developed by Turn10, met critical acclaim when it first hit store shelves. Praised for its convincing driving model and profound gameplay options, most simulation racers promptly heralded the game to their racing libraries. Two years later Turn10 delivers another robust driving experience that will satisfy anyone with a remote interest in either racing or automobiles.

The most salient feature of Forza 2 is its incredible driving model. Unlike typical arcade racers, cars in Forza 2 handle just as you would expect them to. If you're thinking about giving Forza a spin, be forewarned that the game can be a little daunting initially if you aren't used to sim racers. Although there are some helpful driving assists that help lessen the learning curves, this most certainly isn't a Need for Speed or Burnout clone. Just like racing in real life, you will have to slow down significantly before approaching a turn, consider physical limitations such as traction and aerodynamics, and drive with caution. While quick reflexes will certainly help, Forza 2 is less about twitch-timing and more about driving skill.

The presentation is similarly impressive from a technical perspective. The menus are well organized and have a slick sheen. The actual tracks themselves look fairly good, although a few feel a bit barren with environmentally detail sparsely spread. Also, a couple of the textures look a little muddy up close. However, if you're playing the game correctly, you'll be far too busy zipping by the tracks to notice these subtle flaws. Fortunately, the game retains a solid 60 frames per second. The car models themselves are really the stars of the show, as they are finely detailed and exhibit plenty of sophisticated reflections. My biggest gripe with the presentation is that there is no in-car view to speak of.

Forza 2 also boasts a bevy of game modes, including a career mode, online play, and more.

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