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Very Good

Michael Schumacher would be proud!

posted by Funfactor (Cypress, CA) Mar 2, 2007

Member since Sep 2005

14 out of 16 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

Not since the day Formula One for the original playstation (produced by Psygnosis) was released have I played an F1 game that truly captures the essence and realism of the sport. Everything's here... The drivers, tracks, point system, and that awesome english announcer calling the action with real emotion. You begin with a trial run in a car to earn a spot on a team then work your way through a full schedule. Each race takes you through a real time format of tweaking your car and qualifying to try to gain the pole position. Online play is great with seamless speed and little or no slowdown. Graphically the cars and drivers are amazing but the backgrounds could have used more texture. All in all if your a fan or not this is the definitive F1 game for the next generation of gaming. Michael Schumacher would be proud!

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GF Rating


One of the BEST Playstation 3 Game Ever.

posted by PanzerAce (Brooklyn, NY) Feb 28, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

28 out of 36 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

WOW. Just purchased this game and I have got to say this has got to be the BEST racing game I've ever played. This is a MUST FOR ALL TECHNICAL RACING FANS.

Graphics: This field gets a 10/10. It's just superb how unpredictable the game gets. I'm serious, you can't tell when it's going to get cloudy, there are early indications that tell you this and this might happen but even that can be wrong at times. So depending on that you have to figure out the right strategy and solution to win the race. The Graphics section is amazing, everything looks so real, I've NEVER played anything this good in my life before.

Controls: This can be fun with the Six Axis. Since this is the first game that the Six Axis is used so much, you might feel a little too sensitive and might not get the right grip while playing. However, if you choose to use your standard controls, I would say it's fantastic again. Controls can be comfortable but again it depends on what type of car set up you have.

Gameplay: Ahhh my favorite part! 10/10/10/10!!!!
The game offers a variety to die hard formula 1 fans like myself and to new gamers who are new to the series. For die hard fans, it's recommended to choose the career mode because it acts all real time with you having an agent trying to get you into good teams and you performing and practicing the most out of your car. And for the new guys, Championship mode will let you get in an existing driver's car and play through a season.

Then there's online mode =) Online mode is GREAT. You basically have 11 human players and other players are formed up by the AI. The FPS is rock solid and the online is fantastic, just like Resistance, no glitches what so ever. It works fine.

In Conclusion, I can go on and on about how much this game rocks but you would have to rent (or BUY it) to really understand the true potential. Thank God I bought a PS3 because this is what I have anticipated for and that's what was delivered.


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GF Rating

Very Good

Great Lap Parade

posted by Senninha (EL PASO, TX) Apr 11, 2007

Member since Mar 2007

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

Formula One Championship Edition for the PS3 is virtually the same game that was released a couple of years back for the PS2 and Xbox. This game, however, does improve the career mode considerably and the overall experience of Formula One. This is an above average racer, but don't expect to be blown away by it if you're not a Formula One fan or if your definition of racing is about going 200 laps in an oval. This game requires plenty of patience, practice, and has a somewhat steep learning curve. The graphics are great, but far from what the PS3 is really capable of; although not bad for a launch title. (The game was finished by the time the PS3 was launched, but wasn't released until all translations were made from Japanese to English; it was a launch title for the Japanese PS3.) Formula One Championship Edition is catered to the Formula One aficionado as it's mostly up to date with the FIA rules, but based the 2006 championship; so don't expect to see the top drivers in the current top teams, like McLaren and Ferrari. Overall, this is very good game with lots of replay value for anyone who is interested in Formula One. That said, this is also a difficult game, but with plenty of options to make it accessible to new comes to the series. Score: 80.

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