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My summary of this game.

posted by ryan1997 (BETHEL, PA) Jun 20, 2008

Member since Dec 2006

There were a few things that i did not like about this game. One thing is that my older brother and i love to have car game were you can damage your car or truck and we cant do that here. Another thing is that you cant ever go any were you want which is what i really hate about this game. Everything else about this game is fine with me. I like that the mustangs on this game are so realistic which is what i like. I like that when your driving one of the mustangs the engine sounds are REALLY realistic and i love that. I think this game is for any kid that does not like to get there car damaged of does not like to rome around and go any were. My brother like the game to he said it is fair.

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GF Rating

Very Good

To all those ford fans out there this is for you!!

posted by 02mustang (NAPERVILLE, IL) Aug 10, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

This is one of my favorite games ever, i admit it is boring but if you are not a die hard mustng/ford fan then dont play it. I love tat it has all these cars and yes it can get frustrating losing and the challenges get RELLY hard at the end, but all your work is payed off getting all the history on those cars...I did find a glitch in this game... it says 1964 mustang...there was never a 1964 mustang...every mustang/ford fan knows this because in 1964 ford was late getting their first mustangs out so it was called a 1964 and a half(1964 1/2)mustang. Anyway this is a fun game... it is a short game but it all pays off in the end...i do wish you can go on-line with this so it will be more fun to have class races, but there isnt a on-line ability. So if you are not a die-hard mustang/ford fan, like me, then give this a try at least, if you are like me then this has a lot of good cars to race with (I recommend to do all the challengins first) so good luck to all you people and happy raceing!!

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GF Rating

Above Average

Amazing cars...

posted by Clipped (ONTARIO, CA) May 18, 2007

Top Reviewer

Member since Dec 2005

Amazing, fantastic, unbelievable cars! I just wish I could say the same about the game. Let’s start off with the tracks: It’s the same set of 7 over and over and over (not to mention the entire game can be beaten in just a few hours). And there is NO Customizing; no garage to build on your car, there is no upgrading or personalizing, or even Nitrous (N2o) features for your car of any kind [what you see is what you get]. Now onto the unrealistic performance: Even if you pick the best ranked performance car available (before unlocking the locked cars), your computer opponents with still blow you off the line (even though they are much lower ranked cars – they always seem to be faster than you and the only way to beat them is to out drive them... speed means nothing!), that is until you unlock the ‘MUSTANG GT-R CONCEPT’ car, but now the game is WAY TO EASY! Because once you unlock the GT-R it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to lose. This game is just not realistic at all. But if you are a die-hard Mustang fan (like me) then I recommend you rent this just to check out the cars, because they did an amazing job on them (the best Mustangs I’ve ever seen in a racing video game... No joke!!!) Again I just wish the game itself was better.

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