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A Plea To Gamers

posted by P05TF03TU5 (NEWBURY PARK, CA) Oct 24, 2007

Member since Feb 2005

It's really sad to see the poor reception that unique games (Okami, Psychonauts, Ico) like this receive. Folklore is a fantastic game and one of the most imaginative games I've played in a long time. It really surprises me that anyone would give this game a score below 7. I think a majority of reviews, regardless the source, provide concrete evidence to justify their rating. I mean, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I feel people are overly harsh in order to just see something fail. Here's why this game deserves no less than a 7 even from the most unimpressed of reviewers:

Strategic and customizable game play
Two playable characters who have different id's and abilities
Impressive graphics that really fit a fairytale world
Fantastic level and character design, plus some of the most fluid animation I've seen. Just amazing presentation overall
7 unique, and gorgeous realms that actually are actually inspired by actual folklore
Over 100 Id's (all upgradeable through specific objectives), plus future downloadable id's, costumes, and quest
Strong frame rate w/ no tearing nor next-gen shadowing problems
A game that finally uses the sixaxis motion controls in a fun and immersive way
30 hrs. of game play
A dungeon creation mode that unlocks bonuses

The voice acting and dialogue could of been much better for Ellen and Keats
There is quite a bit of backtracking
A slight delay after changing id's (I don't find this to be a issue)
Some Id's are very similar to others
You must play through the same realms with both characters to finish the game (I recommend you play both characters back to back).
Soul collecting can be tedious for certain id's

This has nothing to do with the console war that fan boys have declared. This game is worth the time regardless of the system it's on. Please, don't listen to the 5.0 nay sayers and at least rent this game.

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Gameplay Ok...Story Not So Much

posted by Gogodevil (SAYREVILLE, NJ) Oct 23, 2007

Member since Oct 2007

This was the Game that propelled me to buy a PS3 and I must say I'm a little disappointed. The actual gameplay, once you are in the "Realms" is fine, although very linear and very straightforward. And while the whole changing Folk idea and using them as weapons was a very brilliant idea and really is what makes this game interesting, a bit more thought should have gone into implementation instead of just mapping the Folks to buttons constantly...and I mean constantly.

Other than the actual fighting through the different Realms which are all rather beautiful and look great in HD, the game is rather bland. The developers chose to tell the story in 3 ways. The first is the standard Cut-Scene, which I always preferred, but seemed the one that was the least used. The second was dialog bubbles between characters. This was ok..but it was bland. Lastly they used a fancy Comic Book kinda cut-scene. I don't know. Maybe it was too artsy for me, but I just didn't like it. I feel a game that is for a system like the PS3 should do more than jump frames in a comic book.

Overall the actual GAMEPLAY when you are playing the true game is ok, not great. The more you play the more interesting it'll get. You get interested in figuring out different combinations of Folks to use to take down bigger, stronger Folks. You'll never get lost though, that's for sure.

A definite rental, but I wouldn't recommend laying out $60 on it.

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GF Rating

Above Average


posted by drwells (MARYVILLE, TN) Oct 20, 2007

Member since Oct 2007

The game starts rather slow, and it is somewhat confusing why you have 2 characters. You will find that they overlap environments with differences only in their viewpoint on the same storyline.

If you are looking for any kind of technical-challenging game, this is not it. Gameplay is very slow and the combat system has lots of bugs. The camera doesn't follow you, you have to reset it everytime the enemy moves around you and it is very difficult to keep "locked" onto even a single target.

They spread out your abilities nicely which is the only thing that kept me playing. Often, it either doesn't matter what abilities you use (although some are vastly superior to others in power) or you are very limited to specific ones due to enemies being very difficult to use short range abilities on.

I'm basically going to play this until the weekend is up and send it back. It's been hard playing this when I have a freshly purchased copy of God of War II sitting next to my playstation.

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