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Folklore Game

posted by Philiooo (OLYMPIA, WA) Oct 30, 2007

Member since Sep 2007

I read all the other reviews carefully, and a definitely disagree. The story was kind of cheesy and the game play is pretty repitative. KILL THE MONSTER AND CAPTURE ITS SOUL. Its fun to play with the whole six axis thing, but everything else wasn't too fun. People have different taste in games like these so you should definitely try it. DO NOT buy this game unless you have played it before and you think its worth buying. Trust me i was about to make that mistake, but luckily i didn't.

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Very Good

Exceptional game

posted by Midboss (RICHLAND, MS) Oct 26, 2007

Member since Oct 2007

I'll start by saying that this is one of the most beautiful games I have played. Not only the graphics, but the music is very appropriate and does a good job of setting the tone and mood of the game.

You play as Ellen and Keats, who travel to the mysterious town of Doolin (a town where people can supposedly meet the dead) for their own personal reasons. Before long, they are traveling into the Netherworld and unraveling mysteries of the town's past.

You are forced to play through a series of chapters as both Ellen and Keats. In these chapters, you must travel to the same zones and fight the same bosses. While there is a sense of redundancy in this, each character plays slightly differently, has different ability, and encounters different enemies. I think that there could have been more done to cut back on the feeling of redundancy a bit more, however they do a good job of making up for it through the story telling.

Each character experiences different sides of the same story. There is little overlap in what is uncovered and experiencing one characters side does not give the player the whole picture of what was going on. For that reason, I would recommend going back and forth with the characters instead of playing through all of one character's chapters and then switching to the other.

The action is fun. Constantly gaining new abilities and facing new enemies keeps things fresh. The variety of different folk with similar attack types allows the player to become attached to particular folk and adopt a play style that best fits them.

My biggest gripe is the pauses that occur when you switch out your preset abilities. Abilities are mapped to the 4 face buttons and a menu is brought up by hitting L2 which allows you to make swaps. Every time you do this, however, you're looking at a 1-5 second mini freeze. It becomes increasingly annoying later in the game when you find yourself having to switch abilities more often.

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Above Average

Just ok

posted by jwiggs (APOLLO, PA) Oct 24, 2007

Member since Nov 2006

The game when actually fighting isn't to bad but WAY WAY to much dialog and story. You spend ALOT of time running around figuring where to go next and reading alot of dialog. I didnt put near as much time into the game as maybe I should but everytime I had time to play I found myself playing WARHAWK!

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