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Very Good

Unique RPG for PS3

posted by lazygamer (Northridge, CA) Jan 5, 2008

Member since Jan 2003

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It's not often that Sony creates a 3rd person RPG set in Ireland with both a female and male lead (actually, it's not often that anyone does this). Part Pokemon, part Ghostbusters, your characters try and solve the mystery of Doolin, aka, the Town of the Dead where entry to the Netherworld is possible.
The writing and story are intriguing to say the least. There are two paths to walk, one as a young woman trying to find answers to her mother's death and an occult journalist summoned there by a mysterious phone call. Ironically, the events that transpire in the real world are creepier than those that occur in the Netherworld.
The "folk" characters are all very interesting, looking like a mix of Alice in Wonderland and Spirited Away. The RPG elements come in when you collect these folks (Pokemon style) and thus their abilities which are upgradeable. These are captured once damaged enough and collected by shaking the SIXAXIS (larger folk result in a collection mini-game), ala Ghostbusters.
The graphics are very nice, ranging from moody night hues to vibrant flowers and fields, depending on where you are.
Voice acting is great, with just enough Irish accent to be believable (although Keats' trench coat design isn't, you'll see). The cutscenes are presented comic-panel style. Surprisingly, for a PS3 Blu-Ray title, there's still some text to read.
The music and score has a magical tinge, reminiscent of the Harry Potter series.
In between areas, there is a brief load screen but it's pretty quick.
Right now there's no other game like it on the PS3 so give it a try.

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not worth it

posted by ksouza (BURLINGTON, MA) Oct 19, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

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Game has perfect graphics but game play is really short and history very week may be a good game for rent but not a game that anyone should buy

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Great idea, poor execution

posted by Merc1138 (FREMONT, CA) Oct 18, 2007

Member since Oct 2006

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This game is beautiful. Both on a technical level for the graphics, and art design.

The action is also quite nice, especially since your set of attacks is so customizable.

However, this game suffers from one major flaw: the pacing.

You'll spend 15-20 minutes tearing through monsters, and the next thing you know you're spending another 10 minutes strolling around talking to a bunch of NPC's about a plot that reads like a sci-fi murder-she-wrote episode, that's pretty irrelevant. Also, the agonizingly slow piano soundtrack doesn't help this dull and tedious dialog either.Sure, it's fine that not every dialog sequence has speech, but when all you can do is fast forward through text while listening to what sounds like a cat walking across a piano... it gets very tiring.

It's quite a shame really, as there's so much potential, but with the horrible pacing of the game with the dull story-telling, I couldn't sit through more than 3-4 hours of this.

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