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I did not

posted by Norwoodgirl (NORWOOD, MA) Feb 10, 2013

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I did not get it yet.

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Don't Waste your Time. It really is that bad.

posted by moremetallica (MEDFORD, OR) Nov 12, 2011

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Ok so Flat Out for the PSP was awesome I loved the game the stunt mode was awesome.

But Flat Out for the Wii sucks bad. The physics are all off.
The cars drift way too easily and the steering isn’t responsive enough to correct. And the only way to play is with the Wii Remote you can’t even use the nun chuck.

The destruction derby part really sucked the arena was way to big so finding the other cars was almost impossible.

There is a car bash mode where you can pick your weapon and whack at your car to see how much damage you can afflict but even that was not fun.

And the Game locked up my Wii 3 times while loading.

I read all of the bad reviews about this game and they where all correct.

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Flatout: Flat Out Boring

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Dec 16, 2010

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I don’t know that Flatout is supposed to be. Is it a racer? Is it a demolition derby? Something different? Whatever the answer is, I found the game to be lacking in direction and ambition.
In the Single Player race mode, you get six tracks, each with two races (you against three other AI drivers): one race going clockwise, the other counter clockwise. The tracks are okay, but there’s nothing memorable about any of them.
When you start off, only the first four of the twelve races are unlocked, and to unlock the rest, you have to avoid being last in those races. This will unlock four more races, and if you avoid finishing last in all of those races, you unlock the rest. The AI is a lousy driver - it took me about an hour to get through all 12 races - with a first place finish in all of them.
The makers of this game claim that it is over the top racing, but I found it bland and mundane. I like racers where you are asked to drive like a crazy person - but here if you take too much damage in collisions, you will fail to finish the race and end up in last place.
So I spent most of my time driving very slowly and carefully - which makes for a really tiring experience. But since the AI is so bad, I easily won the races.
There’s also some stunt mode, but there are no in game instructions on how to play those games.
There’s a car wrecking mode where you smash up a car with different weapons - but that got repetitive after three goes. And the controls are hard to understand.
There’s a demolition derby mode which could’ve been fun, but isn’t because it’s very short and confusing.
And there’s a multiplayer aspect to all these modes, but it’s nothing more than the single player version with human players taking control of the AI cars. And it only supports two player racing, not the four player that’s the standard for these types of games.
There are better racers out there than Flatout, a dull and boring game. SKIP IT.

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