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This game is not good....flat out

posted by washins (EL RENO, OK) Apr 19, 2006

Member since Jan 2004

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When I first saw an ad for this game I thought it had promise, and it did. But after actually getting my hands on a copy this past weekend it really didn't live up to the expectations, or even really that close.

First things to mention are the controls, or lack thereof. Controlling your car at times is impossible and any wrong bump can send your driver flying through the windshield. Second thing to harp on is the lack of fun minigames, they're all there -- but you gotta unlock 75% of them first. This involves tedious races of weird AI and no cutting through on the tracks.

Do you like jumping hills?!?!? Too bad! It looks like you can, but once you hit the incline your guy catapults through the windshield like he hit a brickwall, not fun.

This game is a Friday night drunk tester, have a good laugh on the high jump and figure eight bonus track and then send it packin'.

4.2 Presentation
Horrible music, no storyline, no personality to any races...really needs a major overhaul.

8.5 Graphics
Decent looking grahics with great framerate and easy on the eye.

7.7 Sound
The crashes are nice, but the music is distracting and seriously bad.

3.1 Gameplay
Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..- ..crash through windshield, repeat.

3.0 Lasting Appeal
Not much redeeming value on this one. Rent first and see for yourself.

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it was ok

posted by jazo567 (STRATFORD, CT) Aug 28, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

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flatout is a ok game when u frist play it it fun then after a while u get bored and if u crash the compter car cacth up then u cant pass them at all even the was at last u cant pass the crashes are pretty real i suggest u rent it rather then buy it

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posted by weewawoo (GRAND JUNCTION, CO) Mar 21, 2007

Member since Apr 2006

Now the only reason i gave this a 9 is there could be more mini-games but other that that its a GREAT GAME!!!(but then again im not a teen yet, and i still like see things blow up or crash!!).

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