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posted by sedition (DERRY, NH) Jul 6, 2006

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if you even just like racing a little bit this is THE game to rent. and if you love racing games this is a must have. this is the best racing game I've ever played. (it ties with gran turismo 4) it is perfect. the damage system is probailly the best a PS2 can put out. your car falls apart and dents like a real car. not like GTA where little pieces fly off no matter what. the car catches on fire and wheels can fall off its amazing. the racing is very unique. it combines drifting and drag racing and destruction derby all into 1. and the computer drivers aren't mindless either. (like in GT3+4 when they stay in a line). no these racers are competitive. they'll ram you and each other to win. its almost like they're real. and when you're racing the cd tracks are redneck rockish and it really gets you in the mood to smash stuff but if you don't like it then you can shut the music off to and put on a stereo or something. you get faster cars as you go along and you can buy oodles and oodles of upgrades for all of them. and you can really tell the difference when you do buy them. as for the mini games (aka bonus races) they're also some of the best i've ever seen. and loads of fun to. they pay more $ the further you get in the game (3 stages). even though they're all the same concept they're all unique. some easier than others. they range from destruction derby's to mud races to throw the rag doll 100meters in the air to darts with the rag doll. there's 12 total. there's also online mode but i dunno what's in that because i returned it just before i got my PS2 online:( you can also race with a friend and 4 computer ppl or 6 humans online/LAN. i over heated my ps2 slim twice from playing this so long and i've rented it twice like i said earlier if you even just like racing a little bit this is THE game to rent. and if you love racing games this is a must have. also check out DESTRUCTION DERBY RAW (not available on gamefly but you can get for about $5 at any game store.

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Very Good

the best since Destruction Derby Raw

posted by carscar (AUSTIN, TX) Jul 5, 2006

Member since May 2006

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I'm a car game fan, writing about exactly the kind of car game I dig. I'm not into ghetto racing, fast and furious or GT type racing games, I like a racing game where I can hear the suspensions squeek and the metal twist without a sports anchor guy commenting the race in the background. I also like to be able to turn off the music. So if you're like me, with a real taste for smashing big american 70's floatmobiles (which maybe a narrow target), you'll enjoy Flat Out.

Great things about this game:
you can upgrade your car and feel it improve as more tracks unlock, during a race you can wander off and explore the scenery, you can smash and destroy just about anything that's laying around which is useful to clear up your way or block others, the crash physics (you see your car accurately deteriorate) and sounds are spectacular and the tracks are pretty diverse. The whole thing is addictive if you can get pass the initial stage of the basic cars and make lots of $$$ to improve your ride.

there is not much flexibility to the replay, not very much choice of cars, some tracks are too similar.

There, a cool game, not for snobs, just cool fun.

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The most destructive racing game out there. Period

posted by npsken (FLORENCE, MA) Apr 13, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

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This is unlike any other racing game ever invented. The damage modeling is spectacular, the sense of speed is awesome, and the mini games are really cool. Words can't even completely describe this, and the videos don't do justice. ADD THIS TO YOUR GAMEQ NOW!

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