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posted by lazygamer (Northridge, CA) Sep 4, 2006

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First off, this game is superior to the first Flatout. However, some things have changed (like new and mostly improved mini-games) while others remain the same (cheap instant "catch-up" A.I.) The damage is realistic and so are the physics which are its strong points.
Characters in the game are consistent so you can carry grudges and knock them out later. But this feature is sullied (or perhaps enhanced) by an A.I. that inexplicably catches-up with you no matter what you do. I know that those raised on Gotham or Gran Turismo will knock the A.I. socks off, but having them catch up in a cheap manner is just lazy.
The nitro burst feature does not work well. When used, the screen takes a "stretched" turbo look signifying a nitro boost. But the screen effect is really all you get since the car you were just behind is pretty much in the same spot, like it "stretched" with you. This is really weak.
Car selection is passable, but that's it.
The mini-games can now be stringed along party-style, like a "Mario Party" with car collisions. New games make the grade like baseball and field goal. These are great fun!
The derby is still unbalanced. If you're up against a truck or a bronco (and you have a smaller car), you're pretty much dead.
For arcade racing, my money is on the Burnout series. If you like mini-games, Flatout is a good rental.

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posted by cdogger73 (GLENDALE, AZ) Oct 17, 2006

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I am not a big racing fan and that is why I like this game. It is geared more to having fun mixed in with some racing. It is challenging enough that you want to keep playing it. I like that it is not just fast cars on a racetrack. They’re a lot of cars and tracks to pick from too. The online playing is a lot of fun as well. Perfect racing game for the person who does not want a serious racing game.

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posted by Spenceman (ARLINGTON, VA) Aug 8, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

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Okay so i played the first one and i thought it was so cool. I played this one and thought so to, but why did i give it a 5 you say? Well that's all because its so cool and it gets ruined by how cheap it can start to be. The cars handle exactly the way a destroyed car most likely would in real life, so i can't complain, but when your in first and everyone all of a sudden makes a catch-up and knocks you off the track and you lose, i just think that gets a tad annoying. The graphics were great, the roar of the engines and the crunching of the bones as you fly out the window into another car is always cool, but after awhile all you heard was you flying out the window. I know a lot of people are gonna see this and instantly give me a "NO" on helpful-ness of the review, but this is the truth. The game is to hard to control sometimes and the events which start out fun get overly boring in a few minutes. I suggest just renting it.

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