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Very Good

Finally, they use the engine properly.

posted by VTMarik (EVERETT, WA) Nov 18, 2010

Member since Feb 2006

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Don't get me wrong, I love the Dynasty Warriors series and all of its spin offs. Part of me is still holding out hope for a Liberty or Death themed version. The only part of those games that I never found all that satisfying was the fact that you are supposedly a regular (albeit famous) soldier in a battlefield, but yet you can lay waste to a cloud of soldiers with a couple of button presses. Take that same level of combat complexity, twist the fan service knob to 11 then break it off, and you'll get something like Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage. This game takes the Dynasty Warriors concept and drops it smack into the center of one of the most famous and influential manga/anime series that exists.

The story is right from the manga: Kenshiro, heir to the secret assassination art Hokuto Shinken, seeks the return of the one he loves and to defend those who are being preyed upon by the strong and evil. To achieve this he travels the land, popping peoples heads off with the slightest touch.

The gameplay is pretty basic. You have a fast attack, strong attack, special attack, block, and jump. Using different combinations gets you different results, but in the end there aren't really that many combos you can chain together. The real magic of this game comes in the rendering of the special moves used by the various characters.

The graphics and voice acting are wonderful. The combat animations, especially the over-the-top death animations, are phenomenal. The level design is pretty stark, but since this is a post apocalyptic world, that's understandable. With the voices, you may hear the same jibe again and again, but the main characters are voiced well.

The game is definitely something you should play, but only a purchase if you're a fan of the source material, like Koei games, or just enjoy the visceral thrill of watching people explode.

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posted by warrior78 (BEAUMONT, CA) Aug 8, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

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ok..i got this game because i watch some "awesome" videos about it...i was so exited when i got it..once i started playing it..(in less than a minute) i knew it that the game it was bad..but not that BAD!..i mean..the characters are so freaking slow,combos (the same over all the game)so slow and weak...when you're not fighting (running) is fast..once you start fighting..well that's another story..the game by far.. the worse game I EVER PLAYED in all my life..the fighter's so slow,the enemy (AI) it is so ridicules hard (especially on challenge mode) ..even with my stronger character i couldn't defeat the first enemy..i was all the time like "COME ON!" "REALLY?"...i mean..4 hits and you're dead..the point is..this game.. shouldn't be call "a game" is just trash..i feel so sorry for the creators of the game for all the money they spent in it..

i don't even think this game deserves "1 star" not even one!..

100% not recommended this game..big waste of your time.....

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I wanted to like Fist...but couldn't.

posted by SpyderBlk (ELMHURST, NY) Jun 25, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

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I've been a fan of Fist of the North Star since I seen the American Anime Movie version first released in the mid 80's. I was unaware of the series until the mid 90's. I know there have been many games based on the series many of which limited to Japanese releases. I was very happy to know that after all these years there is still interest in the series.

This game however really let me down. Koei, the developer, uses the same cookie cutter formula for all their games. This game is no different. Each character has his/her own moves, specials (which are moves), look and story line. EVERYTHING else is exactly the same. You start each level fighting a mob of dudes that all look the same, mob after mob after mob until you reach the levels boss or semi boss (semi bosses can block). Each level as so similar its painful to complete. The animations are very lacking. Ken, the main character uses a technique that causes his victims to explode. The animations of this within the game is just starching the characters pixels.

Playing as familiar characters of the series Ken, Rei
Playing the world of Fist of the North Star
Performing signature moves

Boring after the third level
Painfully repetitive
Bad animation
Bad voice acting
Bad stage design

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