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Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2


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GF Rating

Very Good

Great Storyline, but still has a few flaws

posted by Mr_Netties3 (MARYSVILLE, WA) Mar 18, 2014

Member since Feb 2013

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The game storyline or "Legend Mode" is divided into 3 parts. Each just a tad longer then the other. The first thing i must say is that if you're like me you would want to beat this game so that you can return it and move on.THIS GAME IS THE LONGEST GAME I'VE PLAYED UP TO DATE!. That's the first flaw, secondly the game likes to throw in cut scenes between boss battles. You can be halfway done with the fight and then instantly you go into a cutscene that will either end the fight, or bump up the bosses difficulty. Thirdly the game has a "Dynasty Warriors" feel to it, when your not wrecking bosses you spend most of your time beating down hordes of enemies! it's quite perpetual too so be ready for that. Lastly I wish they would of added some more combos as you progressed like they did with specials. Now even thought there are some flaws, The story is amazing and that's what kept me playing. Through the story you'll learn about Kenshiro's past and the past of Hokuto Shinken. The story line also introduces some other fighting styles and interesting characters that use the other assassin arts, such as Nanto, and Gento. and if that doesn't interest you, the dark, heavy and intense dialogue and the surprising story twists will!

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GF Rating


Sent it Back the Next Day

posted by DrewdabossXL (MOUNT VERNON, NY) Jun 10, 2013

Member since Sep 2012

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I rented this game because I am a fan of the Anime Series.I played the previous game and I more or less liked it ,it just grew to be repetitive.I found it kind of annoying though that this version of the game is not English dubbed.I really liked the 1st game because the English dubb for the show is really good and they seem to get the same cast.Another thing I hated was the constant load screens in between cut-scenes and especially the scenes where its just a Graphic novel.I honestly hate when games do that.If you want to add comics add it as bonus content not the streamline story.I will give this one thing.The sped the combat up.But the game is a lot less flashy then the first.I honestly was bored with this game after an hour of play.Thank god for gamefly because if I had actually purchased this game I would have been livid.

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GF Rating


bad choice

posted by LoveSr (ALLENTOWN, PA) Feb 23, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

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this made me very happy with gamefly. I say that because, had I bought this game I would have been very upset. there's no structure to the fighting, offense or defense. a whole lot of button mashing , the blocking and evasive maneuvers' were pointless. you get hit three times and your dead. the graphics were the best thing in the gam-e. not being able to change the games language was really a real drag. its too repetitive. I'm a lover of FOTNS cartoon and movie, and this was a BIG disappointment.

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