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Fishing Master


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GF Rating


It's ok

posted by sampey (YORKVILLE, IL) Oct 5, 2007

Member since Oct 2006

I wouldn't buy this game. My son said its an ok game, not a great game. I played it for awhile, and lost interest quickly. It's a good game to rent when nothing else is available.

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Worth a rental

posted by kingdork (WILMINGTON, NC) Sep 30, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

This game is fun. It's not a game I would buy because of it's repetitive nature, but it's worth a rental.

The only thing that really drives me crazy is having to hit the A button over and over and over again to get through the painfully boring dialogs with the old man between sceens.

Overall a fun game especially if you like to fish

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Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover.

posted by punkrockin (SAINT PAUL, MN) Sep 25, 2007

Member since Oct 2005

Looks like a kiddy game, feels like a kiddy game, but is one fun game. It can get a little repetitive but its worth a try if you like fishing.

Its hard to rate graphics on these games. Its nothing near anything on the PS3 and XBOX 360 but for what there going for it does the job.

The controls on this game are really smooth. The Wii has been lacking smooth controls on some games which can be really frustrating but they did a good job. Pretty standard, pull back and throw the rod out. Move the nun-chuck circle to reel in and when the screen tells you to whip the wii-mote right or left you do it to tire the fish out. Its kinda hard at first because there is a lot going on. You have to keep the fish in the middle of getting away and breaking the line. To far on either side and you will lose the fish and then whip the mote when it tells you to tire the fish out. To many mistakes and the fish is gone.

There are many fishing spots on here to keep you occupied for hours. You have a whole day to go fishing and certain fish come out at certain times. You get points which cross as money which you can use to buy new rods and bait. There are tourneys in each area that you have to accomplish certain tasks. Longest fish. Heaviest fish. You have to be a certain level of fisherman to join a tourney though. There is also a mystery fish in each area and you have figure out what bait and how and where to catch it.The story line is pretty basic. Become the best fisherman of all time.

I would recommend picking this one up to try. Its fun will keep you occupied for a little while but can get repetitive. The sounds on this can get pretty irritating to. Might want to pop in a cd or something. A lot of beeping.

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