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posted by Bpotter (RAY CITY, GA) Apr 13, 2009

Member since Sep 2008

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I have read some reviews of this game from down right horrible to ok and maybe a good, but being a fishing amaetur I absolutley disliked fishing, in fact I got this for my dad. I LOVE this game, it gets hard at times but so is real fishing, Its leisurely paced and relaxing at times. For hardcore fisherman I understand people not wanting to play it but for people just starting out its an awesome game, have fun with it and give it a try!

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Above Average

A "Tour" that's fun for a short time

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Feb 10, 2009

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It was a time when one of the biggest excuses a guy can give out was the fact he's "gone fishing".
But today, fishing is a thriving sport that can be seen on TV (ESPN affiliates).
In Fishing Master: World Tour, you play as an up and coming fisherman - er - fisherperson (you can play as a girl or a woman here.)
You start off with one fishing spot where you catch several fish via easy to use controls. With each fish you get points that you spend in a shop for better poles and better bait.
Also, more fishing spots open up so you can catch more fish and more different types of fish. And you repeat the process again - and again.
You can guess the biggest problem with Fishing Master: World Tour is; it gets very repetitive very quickly. Every day you pick a fishing spot, a fishing pole, and what bait to use and go fish (not the card game) The game tries to mix up the monotony by quests and tournaments, but they all boil down to you going out and fishing.
Still, the controls are easy to learn and I felt like I was actually fishing with the Wiimote and Nunchuck. It's also interesting to see what different fish I can catch and what spots around the world I can fish in.
If only Fishing Master: World Tour wasn't so repetitive. RENT IT.

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not bad surprisingly!

posted by hobieone (LAS VEGAS, NV) Feb 24, 2009

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Member since Oct 2008

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this game is lot better and much more to it than the first fishing master,. graphic are a bit more polished. This is good title to just sit on the couch and relax with and not over complicated like some of the more realistic titles. While it is true what some say that this game gets repetitive quick. Well so does fishing in real life! Unlike real life fishing you don't have to wait endlessly at times the fish is always biting but to catch some of the more uncommon fishes you need to try different baits.i liked the game because you can sit down a relax with it and enjoy it without having to worry about the intricate stuff other fishing sims have unless you like that. it good for all ages and easy to get into.

pros:multiple control layout lets you control the way you feel comfortable with and yet simple. the quests to catch different fish in different areas, both deep sea trolling and shoreline fishing & the online leader boards were a nice touch

cons:graphics could be better but does the job nicely, in this day in age games should be using more voice overs alot of text to read. even 1st party Nintendo games suffer from this like super paper mario. besides on line leader boards have multiplayer online where maybe meet others at a certain location and have it as a fishing tourney that could have moved the game up a notch. the Wii needs more online multiplayer games like call of duty 5 and mario kart

to sum up the review the game is what i call a niche. A game ment for the kids and those who what a nice simple easy fishing to relax to without being complicated. but not for those who are looking for a realistic fishing game with killer graphics. either way it a good game to rent

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