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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Wrestler Codes

Go to the edit wrestler option and select the name entry section. If you submit ALL for the Nickname, STYLE for the First Name, and CLEAR for the Last Name. After this is done set Exchange to OFF, Middle to SPACE (the square icon), and lastly push Start. When you push B until you return to the main menu all wrestlers will now be playable. Here is list of the Wrestlers that are unlocked.

  • The Runner KLEEBO HBK
    Shawn Micheals
  • Slim Jim Mr. Mann-
    Macho Man Randy Savage
  • The Lastman OMEGA
    Mick Foley
  • Godfather MADMAN MUSKI
    Vince McMahon
  • Dragon Soldier YASU OHHASHI
    Kaz Hayashi
  • Shining Dragon AZTECDRAGON
    Ultimo Dragon
  • Darkman KILLKALANI
    Ric Flair