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Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones


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Gameplay Controls

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
GamePlay: The Weapon Triangle: Swords are strong against Axes, but weak against Lances. Axes are strong against Lances, but weak against Swords. Lances are strong against Swords, but weak against Axes.

The Trinity of Magic: Anima Magic is strong against Light Magic, but weak against Dark Magic. Light Magic is strong against Dark Magic, but weak against Anima Magic. Dark Magic is strong against Anima Magic, but weak against Light Magic.

Control Pad Move Units (Battle Map). Move Cursor (Hold B Button to Move Cursor Quickly). Select Menu Items.
A Button Open Map Menu (On World Map/Battle Map When Cursor Is Not on Base/Unit). Confirm Selections.
B Button Cancel Selection. Return to Previous Page. Close Window.
L Button Move Cursor to a Base (World Map). Move Cursor to Unit Awaiting Commands (Battle Map).
R Button View Unit Status (Battle Map). Display Help.
Start/Pause Start Game/Turn Mini Battle Map On or Off. Select = Turn Mini World Map On or Off.
Combo #1 Press Start, Select, A, and B Together = Reset Game