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posted by Archanid (SANTA FE, NM) Nov 13, 2009

Member since Aug 2006

Most of the issues I had with this game were that it did not meet up at all with the DS' capabilities. The last boss looked really lame, and most of the fighting moves were too simplistic to match up to the Fire Emblem name.

Another issue was that there wasn't a rescue system. What is up with that? It's ridiculous. Rescuing has been vital to FE games, especially in chapters like the one where there are five really awesome characters trapped with no weapons across the entire map and you have to guide the to safety without the rescue option. So cheap.

I have no problem with difficult games, but when a game is difficult because it ridiculously doesn't have any of the features of its predecessors (yes, the others are predecessors, these things are expected of remakes), it's just downright disappointing. I have to say the only good thing about it was some graphic upgrades. Other than that it was pretty lame.

Back to the final boss thing, does no one think it would've been amazing for the dragon to cover up two screens? No, apparently not the developers. The Earth Dragon looked very, very lame, as well as the rest of the manaketes. This is not worth the graphics upgrade. The dragon in Rekka no Ken was super amazing, this does not live up to that at all.

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Fire Emblem is awesome.

posted by edzoologis (ALEXANDRIA, KY) Aug 19, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

O.K., confession time. Going into this game, I had my suspicions. You see, although I enjoy the other games from Intellegent Systems, I had my suspicions about this turn-based strategy game. Then I played it. I was instantly sucked into the story and the characters. The music is amazing. The gameplay is great. And overall this game is amazing and is worth the rent. And if you like it enough(like I did), buy it.

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Very Good

Amazing Granted...

posted by SKealy13 (EL CAJON, CA) Aug 8, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

Ok so this is the newest installation of the Fire Emblem series, which being my favorite game of all time you know i was expecting something from this game. This game finally features Marth!!! That was really exciting and he is really good, until the ending, he starts getting bad, but in most of the Fire Emblem series, there is always better then your lords. The one fact that most people forget to mention is this was the ORIGINAL Fire Emblem. So of coarse the storyline isnt as in depth, the game play isnt as long, and some of the newer things that you see in the older versions (weird huh?) arent included. They tried to keep it as close as possible to the real version. You cant rescue, there are a lot of characters (i mean a LOT), you can change just about all your characters classes (say a social knight to a fighter or something along those lines). One of the aspects i liked was that they have a in map save feature during a mission, as well as the suspension mode. If you have played all of the Fire Emblems before this then i suggest playing this for the storyline, but if you havent then definantly pick up the 2 on GBA first, much much better then any of them. The Wi-Fi version is AWESOME, its like an actual map and you go head to head with the person on the other end. Super cool. There is usually fog on the map so it adds to the mystery of your opponent. I know i had fun with it. That is basically all of the game. If your a tactic/Fire Emblem fan, pick it up without a doubt.

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