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posted by WiiPS3 (ACWORTH, GA) Nov 14, 2007

Member since Mar 2007

Having played the FE games on the GBA and Gamecube, this game is a major disappointment. The graphics in this game are unchanged from the Gamecube, and the graphics engine was already showing its age on the GC. The difficulty of this game has really been ramped up compared to previous FE games; expect to die and die often. The addition of a reloadable save during battle is new to the series, but poorly thought out. I get the feeling that the game designers put this in, and then decided "hmm the game will be too easy, better make it alot harder!". How much harder? The main character you control and most of your group of 5 with the exception of one character can be one shotted for the first several levels. The ramped up difficulty level also means many players will be forced to repeatedly reload if they get poor level up bonuses, as not receiving critical stat increases early will make it even harder to survive.

The storyline is also marginal. If your going to go cheap on the graphics in a RPG, then you better make it up for an involving story. No such luck. The story is painfully predictable with plot twists visible several scenes away. Must every single RPG game have a (fill in the blank with your choice of desert, forest, mountain, etc) of death as a location?

This game feels like a hasty retread that does nothing to improve upon an enjoyable series. Makes me wonder if Koei didn't develop this FE game ala the Dynasty Warriors series with their lack of originality and minimal updates. I'll be shipping this turkey back when Super Mario Galaxy comes in the mail.

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