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Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn


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Very Good

same old but good

posted by lancelot (MIDDLETOWN, CT) Jan 1, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

Radiant Dawn uses the same formula from the previous version on gamecube. There are very few new features. It doesn't use the Wii remote in any new revolutionary way the graphics are the same and the story uses the same formula as in the past. All of this aside, it is a game I still really enjoyed! The formula works. While the graphics and voice acting can be comical sometimes the story is engrossing if you follow it and let its intrigue take you up. The tactical side of the game is not that apparent on the early levels of the game but as your progress learning how to use your units correctly is the difference between succeeding and failure. A very enjoyable game. Nothing is revolutionary but if you like the fire Emblem Formula then you will certainly enjoy Radiant Dawn

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Fire emblems, first time impression's

posted by 4gotnglory (SEQUIM, WA) Dec 28, 2007

Member since Mar 2007

well, this was the first fire emblem game ive ever played. and i have to say its the best strategy game ive played in a long time.


yep ... you see that... alooooot. this game has no mercy.right when you first start playing that becomes very apparent. they even start with much better weapons in the begining!

anyways,heres some of the strategizing you can do.

support relationships, (when u have two characters by eachother it powers them up)

money... (duh)

xp, bonus xp, skills, skill swaping , promotoions, characters, classes forging weapons. and then obviously battles.

now like all strategy games theres a bunch of different classes and they all have there advantages and disadvantages and its up to you to build a team. flying units. mounted units, transforming units, mages, archers , knights ,swordsmans thiefs ETC....... it has alot of freaking classes. enough said.

but heres a nice little twist. if you let a unit die. there gone for good. not only that when switching between chapters you can only bring so many of your units with you.

heck its very possible to play to the very last chapter and find out you cant get any further because you failed to properly plan your game.

if you only let the few powerful units fight. your going to find out the hard way that 2-3 units cant fight an army alone. you better build your own dang army or game over man.

not only do you need to worry about building your army . you need to worry about resources. your weapons will break in time. depending on how you play. your healing items will to. (ofcourse u always have healing mages but staffs cost money to)

you can forge very powerful weapons to get the edge on the enemy but that cost's your very limited cash. its always a tough call.

now there are few things wrong with this game. like that theres no restart fight option... GAMEOVER MAN!!!!!!!

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Very Good

What if an RPG and a TBS had a child?

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Dec 20, 2007

Top Reviewer

Member since Mar 2006

Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn is a turn-based strategy game with role-playing elements. No, wait, it's a role-playing game with strategy elements. Whatever it is, it's very good. Radiant Dawn takes place three years after Path of Radiance on Gamecube. Many of the same characters are used and the new conflict is mostly an outgrowth and follow-up to the first game. It's the WWII to Path of Radiance's WWI. Another close parallel is how much more epic this game is. It's not about the overthrowing of a mad king, it's about the conflict of gods on the world of Tellius. The game takes place along several maps, sort of like game boards, where you take your units and move them to the most opportune positions to eliminate the enemy units while keeping your guys from utter destruction. And in this game, when someone dies, they stay dead. This probably brings us to the worst part of the game. Every time a unit falls, you have to restart the whole game and load your file. It's a small thing that will annoy you greatly. Why couldn't they have a load game button in the game menu? I ask you. As your army eliminates the enemy, they gain experience and subsequent levels. Many of them will also upgrade classes along the way, becoming even better. This game is about 40 hours long, which is impressive. What's more impressive is how hooked you'll be for the duration. The story is okay, but it does it's job, moving you through the campaign and keeping continuity. With mounted, flying and ground units, spell casters, archers and healers, you'll have many strategies to consider. This is the kind of game you can sit down and play, as you use the remote sideways like a classic controller. If you've never played a Fire Emblem game before, you should. Radiant Dawn is as good a place as any to start.

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