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Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

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Prepare to see.....

posted by yegman (ROCKLIN, CA) Jan 18, 2008

Member since Jan 2007

the game over screen a lot in this game. Save often!

My favorite types of games have to be RPG type games. They usually have a great story, open or fairly limited movement, character building, and a ton of fighting (with a mission or quest). Games like Neverwinter Nights are non-linear and basically you can go anywhere in the areas that open to you. Even in turn-based combat games I like to be able to move my party and watch the game unfold.

That is probably one of my only complaints with Radiant Dawn (my first time playing this series of games). There is a lot of reading involved and then you are basically ready to play a chess/stratego match type strategy game.

With that said, it does grow on you. Trying to figure out which enemy to battle and how to move each person in your party (so they survive) makes it a very challenging game. I am glad that I rented it.

controls: Fairly simple. Only uses the remote and makes it feel almost SNES. It also doesn't utilize the next gen tech. That is ok though. The controls fit the game play.

graphic: Simple graphics, but looks nice and plays well.

Gameplay: Turn based, single player game. Each level is like playing chess or statego. I really had to go through a lot of the tutorials at the beginning to understand the rules of the game. I highly recommend watching some of them before you start. Makes the game a better experience.

Overall rating: Definite rental. Possible buy.

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Interesting Title

posted by Shmo55 (HUNTSVILLE, AL) Jan 18, 2008

Member since Dec 2005

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I am 42, but still love playing strategy type games such as this one. I played the previous version of this game on the gamecube, and it was a great game then, but this one was more involved, and had quite a dramatic story. I will say that the normal setting was perfect for me as it allowed you to battle save during a battle, which gave you better opportunities to go through without losing anyone, but my son, who wants to best me, is playing the hardest mode, and it's proving to be a challenge because you can't battlesave any longer. That means if you are 15 turns in, and lose someone, you can either live without them (if it's not a main character), or you have to go all the way back to the beginning of that battle and start all over. This has caused him quite a bit of frustration. You also don't have access to the battle move function, that shows the limits of your enemies movement. It will tell you how many they can move, but not show you the graphic on the playing field.

So needless to say, this is an awesome game and well worth the rent. In fact, we rented it from here and paid to keep it. It's well worth it!!

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Even better than Path of Radiance

posted by GreyFox159 (WICHITA, KS) Jan 3, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

Although it has received some half bad reviews from several places, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn is actually a pretty good game and in no way worse than any of the other great previously released titles.

The story is compelling enough to have you guessing about what will happen next and has many plot twist and turns that will absorb you into the game. The tweaked almost all the weapons in the game and added several new ones into the mix. For example, the hit/attack/weight of the weapons are changed in a way that makes the game feel fresh as you have to adjust from the standards of the previous titles. Every character that was in the Path of Radiance returns along with a huge new cast of characters to fill your roster. Along with all of that their is now a new tier of character classes to upgrade to making your units have a total of 60 levels in all.

The laguz return and are more powerful than ever, making it almost humorous to watch their power cleave through the battlefields with ease. plus they can now reach an overall level of 40, but without and class upgrade.

There is so much new content to explore in this game that it will take 50+ hours to complete. If i could even bring myself to say anything negative about this game it would have to be the increased level of difficulty. I played on the normal difficulty setting and even the first 10 (welcome to the game) chapters took 1+ hours a piece to complete. That may have to do some with the fact that i went JUST slow enough through every map to basically make sure that no one had to die in my party (with a few exceptions for the stupid characters).

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