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Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn


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Above Average

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

posted by games4mii (BELLE MEAD, NJ) Feb 8, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

This is a great game! It has everything that any Fire Emblem fan could dream of! But, it is very similar to the earlier versions for the game cube. It doesn't harness the full potential of the Wii remote! You might as well hook up a game cube controller and use that! It has a great story line, characters look great, and there is some great art in it! Only if they had used the Wii remote!! That's all I have to say. Overall it is a great game. If I could I would give it a 9.5 because it is better than a 9 but not a 10 either.

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Decent strategy game; mostly for fans of FE series

posted by rosymo (HOUSTON, TX) Jan 24, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

I have never played a game in the Fire Emblem franchise before, but after seeing the high ratings this game was getting, I decided to give this a shot.

I was immediately disappointed by the lack of integration of signature Wii elements such as IR. You basically turn the Wiimote sideways and play it like it's an NES controller.

Despite that, I was hoping it'd still be an enjoyable tactical game. As others have said, there is a lot of dialogue and a lot of story in this game, and for the most part, I found it pretty tedious and boring, not to mention the fact that it's mostly done with scrolls and stationary animated characters. As far as the actual gameplay, it's decent. The strategy is pretty typical, not really different from anything else I've seen. You pick your characters and you choose where they go carefully. What bothered me most was the lack of customization. In comparison to games like FF Tactics, the characters' classes are pre-determined and as far as weapon and armor choices, they're pretty bland. In addition to that, you don't really get to do any free roaming around a map or choose where you want to go.

Quick summary: If you're a fan of the FE series, I assume you'll like this game because it's pretty much more of the same. But if you're not, I'd check more about it before deciding to get it. Personally, I've played better strategy games and this one was kind of a bore.

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Very Good

Prepare to see.....

posted by yegman (ROCKLIN, CA) Jan 18, 2008

Member since Jan 2007

the game over screen a lot in this game. Save often!

My favorite types of games have to be RPG type games. They usually have a great story, open or fairly limited movement, character building, and a ton of fighting (with a mission or quest). Games like Neverwinter Nights are non-linear and basically you can go anywhere in the areas that open to you. Even in turn-based combat games I like to be able to move my party and watch the game unfold.

That is probably one of my only complaints with Radiant Dawn (my first time playing this series of games). There is a lot of reading involved and then you are basically ready to play a chess/stratego match type strategy game.

With that said, it does grow on you. Trying to figure out which enemy to battle and how to move each person in your party (so they survive) makes it a very challenging game. I am glad that I rented it.

controls: Fairly simple. Only uses the remote and makes it feel almost SNES. It also doesn't utilize the next gen tech. That is ok though. The controls fit the game play.

graphic: Simple graphics, but looks nice and plays well.

Gameplay: Turn based, single player game. Each level is like playing chess or statego. I really had to go through a lot of the tutorials at the beginning to understand the rules of the game. I highly recommend watching some of them before you start. Makes the game a better experience.

Overall rating: Definite rental. Possible buy.

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