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Challenging game is a very rewarding experience

posted by veelaunch (GLENDALE, UT) Mar 30, 2008

Member since Nov 2006

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I respect this game. The reason why is because it is so difficult. And yet, it is doable and not frustrating. Each level is set out for you to mastermind your way through. One false step and it could cost you a team member or several members. There are literally hundreds of ways to complete each level. It is sort of like a big chess set. You have to know what each of your characters is capable of and when to use them. Placement is everything.

Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn is much more difficult and gigantic and more fun than Path of Radiance for Game Cube. FERD has over 40 battles that take place over 4 different chapters. There are over 70 playable characters!

I love the story sequence. You find yourself commanding different armies in each of the chapters. This means that you will battle your former comrades. I love how they set up the story so that each army believes that they are in the right. The characters are endearing and well developed. After playing this game for close to 60 hours, the characters felt like they more than just part of the game. They seemed to be real people with real concerns, thoughts, and feelings.

Players who want to experience all that FERD has to offer should first play Fire Emblem Path of Radiance for Game Cube. Although FEPOR is not nearly as challenging or engaging it lays the ground work for FERD. I'll tell why in the next paragraph but look out for spoilers!

While playing through FERD for the first time they kept referring back to Ike and the Greil Mercenaries. I kept wondering if they would actually be in FERD. I kept looking for them and hoping. Then at the end of the second chapter, you get to see the coolest cut scene ever. I loved seeing my army from the previous game come barging on to the screen. I was literally jumping up and down in excitement!

The movies and voice acting are awesome! The music is engaging and truly epic and noble. This is my very favorite game for the Wii and maybe ever. Yes, it's that good.

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There Should Be More Games Like This on the Wii

posted by TheApester (MCGREGOR, TX) May 2, 2008

Member since Nov 2003

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With the Wii getting many, MANY party games, the RPG category is so far getting very little love. As of 2007, Alien Syndrome was the only 'so-called RPG' and that wasn't worth it. Now it's nearly 2008, and finally they come out with one of the best RPGs I've ever played, right behind Skies of Arcadia and Dragon Quest 8.
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn's gameplay is seemlessly addictive. You direct your troops in eacj chess-like level as you struggle to win each battle as the Dawn Brigade. The gameplay is really entertaining, movement being accorded like turn-based rather than real-time.
The difficulty is higher than some RPGs I've played, because you need to be sure not to walk any of you mercenaries in a practical trap. You need to struggle, and by struggle, I mean struggle HARD. Once a character dies, it's G-O, Game Over. I've seen this quite a few times in the five-day rental, and I've smacked myself quite a few times as well.
But hey, isn't that what makes a good RPG?
Heck, yes!
When it comes to graphics, this game has it as good as a Level 5 game. It's cel-shaded, but so beautiful it's more like an epic anime instead. Like Dragon Quest 8, the music promotes the awesome feel each time you pick it up.
The characters are also just as livable and sweet as Level 5's creations. Michaiah and Sothe are very immersible as well as entertaining characters, and so are the rest of the Dawn Brigade, made up of female mages, brash young men, noble freedom fighters, and devise tacticians.
And when it comes down to it, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn is spectacular in every way. It makes you wonder how come the way doesn't have MORE games like this.
If you're an RPG fan, click this RPG up! You won't regret it, and if you love this, get the Fire Emblem on the Game Boy Advance, the Gamecube, and soon the DS early in 2009.

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Really a shame most will miss this amazing game

posted by ZoraPrime (MARTINEZ, CA) Nov 9, 2007

Member since Nov 2006

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With many gamers always following the bandwagon picking up the overhyped games leaving others in the dust, it is not suprising many missed FERD. Radiant Dawn is one of the Wii's best games to date, and my favorite overall Wii game.

FERD seems to be a rip-off of PoR at first, with Daein replacing Crimea and Begnion replacing Daein. Don't be fooled though. FERD is split into four parts, each taking on a different protagonist. With each chapter, the real story begins to form.

If you played PoR, and don't mind minor spoilers, pay close attention to what Soren says. A lot of his concerns or comments play a big role. One of the obvious ones was when Zelgius came, and Soren mentioned that Begnion would be in for themselves. Not suprisingly, Begnion has captured Daein, but you find this out early on and is hardly a spoiler.

FERD is not impressive visually, and its overall production values are poor, but a good game nonetheless. Take the audio for example. The music may be MIDI, but the soundtrack itself is amazing. And the transitation from field to battle and battle to field are equally superb, making it realize a few things the last FE games missed.

Also, I want to comment on something. You may be biased towards critics, and may read IGN review. Don't. There are so many flaws in that review (I personally doubt he played past chapter ten based on the content, out of a forty-four chapter game, that is BAD!). FERD is an amazing game. It is much mroe challenging then its cousins (unless you play on easy), and has a lot of depth. The characters are unique.

The dialouge, although may be boring at times, is still good. And prepare for Marcia, a character in part 2, to make you laugh (I still LOVE what see called Haar!). Okay, so a lot of funny, and well-done dramatic dialouge make it good. Overall a good translation.

Now, this game may not be an epic game to remebered for years to come, but it is still a great title on the Wii, and one you should not miss.

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