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Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

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Final battle

In the final battle, you have a choice of calling either Giffca: Lion Laguz level 20, Tibarn: Hawk Laguz level 18, or Naesala: Raven Laguz level 17. All of them have Laguz Bands, which are like Demi Bands but do not cut down your stats and can only be equipped by those three people. Also, whomever you select will also remain with you for the trial maps.

Mystery option

Finish the game on the Normal or Hard difficulty setting, then go to the Extras menu. Go to the bonus maps and select the first map, and when asked "Is this correct?" select "No". Then, press B to leave the bonus maps screen. Go to "Illustrations" and there will be two Fire Emblem: Path Of Radiance options. However, you cannot select the second option. To get rid of the second option, exit the Illustrations screen, go to the Bonus Maps screen, leave the Bonus Maps screen, then go back to the Illustrations screen. The second option should now be gone. REMEMBER: This must be done before you add Fire Emblem and Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones to your game.

Stat control

When you are in the base, you can save your progress then reward units enough experience to level up. If you are not satisfied with the stats they gain, reset the game and level them up again. You can repeat this as many times as your Bonus Exp allows. Make sure to save your game when you get stats that you want to keep. The process is somewhat time consuming, and you use a lot of Bonus Exp, but it is very useful in building up almost invincible units.

View game script

While a character is talking, press Z to see all previously viewed dialogue for that chapter.

Triangle attack

This is a special attack that can be done with Boyd, Rolf, and Oscar. They all must be able to use a bow, meaning Boyd needs to be a warrior and Oscar must be given the ability to use bows. Form a triangle around the target and choose one of the brothers to do the attack. REMEMBER: You must see two conversations between the three at your base. Make sure to check the "Info" option frequently.

Holy Knights Triangle attack

This attack is the same as the Three Brothers Triangle attack; you must have Elincia, Tanith, and Marcia all together. Place them in a triangle formation around an enemy and command one of the units to attack. REMEMBER: The three units must be able to use swords. This attack can only be performed near the end of the game. Check on "Info" at the base often.

Completing Chapter 1

You must use the weapon triangle. Do not let Boyd and Titania fight swordsmen. Do not let Oscar fight axemen. Ike can fight anything. Visit the nearest house with Ike to get a steel sword. Have Titania kill the leader.

Completing Chapter 2

Move Rhys to the map's edge. Move the others around him. Stay like this until Titania arrives. When she arrives, move around and take out bandits. If she is too hurt to fight, switch with Ike. Keep this up until they are all dead.

Completing Chapter 3

Do not visit this time. Take out pirates with Shinon and Gatrie. Then, take Titania and Ike on the ship. When there are a few pirates remaining, talk to Marcia (or someone similarly named) with Ike. It will be useful later. Then, use Ike to take out the captain.

Completing Chapter 4

Make a barrier around Rhys and Soren. Put Shinon and Gatrie in the front and Ike and Titania on the sides. Wait until they lessen their numbers, then charge at the rest.