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Filling a Void for Strategy Games on 3ds

posted by roosteraxe (MILWAUKEE, WI) Nov 6, 2014

Member since Jul 2012

I loved Shining Force on Sega Genesis. So much so, that even though I owned the Genesis Collection on PS2, I bought the Sonic Genesis Collection on 360, just to play those games (although there were some other sweet additions). I haven't really pkayed a Fire Emblem game before this, so I was pleasantly surprised to play a slightly more modern Shining Force. From the map layouts, to character movement, right down to attack strategy, this game plays almost identical to the aforementioned Shining Force. This isn't a bad thing. The game looks pretty good, offers a bit more strategy, by incorporating bonuses for grouping characters and focusses a lot more on story and characters than the Shining did back in the day. There really isn't much to say against this. The only thing I'd change, is adding an attack bonus for surrounding an enemy. It seems odd that I'm stronger standing next to a teammate, but if we're flanking our enemy on all sides, there's not an attack advantage to that. While some choose to rate this game a bit higher, I feel an 8 is appropriate, since the only real new addition to thos series that doesn't exist in most games of this type, is the option of having fallen characters stay dead. It certainly causes you to play more carefully and really strikes the impact of a mistake homem it does however, cause some chrap frustration, when a character with full health, leveled well, is killed in one hit by a lucky blow from your opponent. Since this is optional though, that frustration can be avoided if you choose to. All-in-all, I highly recommend this game to any 3ds owner and really any turn-based strategy fan. It doesn't revolutionize the genre, but it's a great, solid experience on a system that doesn't have much in these types of games.

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Best rpg that I have played in a while

posted by GameFrkGamer (ONTARIO, CA) Oct 4, 2014

Member since Oct 2014

If you have been disappointed with some of the rpgs lately like I have, then this game is a breath of fresh air. Love everything about it, strategy, tactics, story, emotion, good and evil, sacrifice, etc. I would have rated it a 10, but I like open real time combat and this is very much more "His turn your turn" based combat.

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A Great Fire Emblem Game for a Newcomer

posted by CrazyGamer2186 (LUCERNE VALLEY, CA) Jul 26, 2014

Member since Nov 2013

Fire Emblem is one of those games that I haven't played but I did decided to dabble with Awakening, the newest installment to the long running series.
For anyone who doesn't known, Fire Emblem has been a series of Strategy JRPG games since the NES days but has only has some of the games released everywhere since the second installment that hit the GBA systems. Since then Fire Emblem has been a game series that everyone wants for their Nintendo Systems and or wants to collect the older ones or even try to do a fan translation for the ones that didn't release outside of Japan. Anyway, since I am a newcomer to the series, I have to say Awakening is a great addition to this series.

Story in Awakening takes place after a thousand years from a game or two earlier. Marth and his crew defeated the evil dragon that they had to face and now got the kingdoms united. Sadly by the time Awakening takes place various kingdoms popped up and only the descendants of Marth is ruling Ylisse, the kingdom the game starts in. Chrom and his team finds you the player character, not knowing who they are and you help him and his crew out for awhile. This turns into a story of trying to keep the peace and then saving the world from a evil dragon, this time named Grima. Story will keep you till the end of the game and has plenty of twist and turns to entertain you. Also even characters have plenty of interactions to even in some cases marriage and children.

Gameplay is typical Fire Emblem flair but more refined. Also more character driven and the RPG system is more skill focused than stat focused this time around for the most part. Also Characters can be talked to and has plenty of interactions that will keep you coming to play the game.

Sound and Graphics are one of the best for a 3DS game besides newer titles like Pokemon X/Y and Zelda A Link Between Worlds. Other than that is all I have to say.
Also this game has DLC to, which is cool to flesh out characters.

Overall this gam

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