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How many times can I play the same game...?

posted by Vignirsson (SANTA CRUZ, CA) Jul 7, 2007

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I played the original 20 years ago when I was still cutting my teeth on this amazing "console RPG" concept. Back in the day, this was an awesome game with references to the old school D&D (without all of the lawsuits) and it made me feel comfortable in my transition.

This version is a nice upgrade, graphically, but there isn't much other than the "bonus quest" that goes into every remake that Square-Enix does. The sprites look nice (I didn't think it could be possible, but Red Mage looks cooler!) as well as the other graphics and sprites... But the FMV's came from the PSOne version that was released as well as the same concepts of the monster library, blah, blah, blah. Gameplay is the same, turn based attacks with your choice of attacking, casting magic or running, no big change here either.

This might be good for some of you young pups that weren't around for the original, but odds are more than likely 3D games might have eschewed your view of this game.

Wow, that didn't sound like I was old...

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Above Average

6 out of 10

posted by Smurfling (KOKOMO, IN) Feb 16, 2011

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I figured I would rent this game and see where the Final Fantasy series all started. Prior to this, I had played FF7, 8, 9, X, 11-Online (for a few months), 12, 13, and Tactics. It's a good game for it's time (but not as great as other RPGs that also came out around that time).

I would not recommend this game for anyone who gets annoyed easily. There's no field maps, very little information on where you need to go and do, and a massive amount of random battles. I don't mind random battles, but when you're trying to back track through multiple floors to turn in a quest and further the story line and you have to fight a battle every 5 steps, it gets pretty obnoxious.

The only reason I only played this game for about 8 hours, is because early in the game after you beat a certain boss, a dungeon opens up. I figured this dungeon opening up was the next part of the story line since this game tells you next-to-nothing about where to go. Anyways, this dungeon is completely optional. And the only way to leave the dungeon after entering is to beat one of the bosses in it. Unfortunately, the monsters inside were just as easy as monsters I was fighting in the previous areas, so I figured I was on-track. Boy was I wrong, when I got to the bosses they all had about 4k health and would 1-shot my entire party with a single AoE spell. I have a habit of frequently saving, and I saved over my file inside the dungeon, so unless I want to grind for hours and level up and hope my cruddy gear can beat these bosses, I'm screwed.

Anyways, if you rent this game like I did, you only need to play it for 2 hours to know exactly what the entire game is like. Would not play it again.

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didnt quite make it

posted by nickthekid (AGAWAM, MA) Jul 20, 2009

Member since Jun 2009

i decided to give this game a whirl. i figured it had to be good if they made 13 of them. this title didnt quite cut it for me. the missions are very vague in where to go. and they name places that take hours to find. and even longer, since every five feet you find your team matched against six monsters. this game was just too confusing for me, as i always say, if you're a big time RPG geek. you might enjoy this game more, but i couldnt bear it. 4/10

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