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This is not Final Fantasy.

posted by WyrmLord (PITTSBURGH, PA) Jun 20, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

16 out of 26 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

This game is not Final Fantasy. There is a set track you must follow. There are no side quests and no side paths. The combat system is not good either. You can change what 'path' the heroes follow as you go, but everything is otherwise automated. This game feels like one long movie with a few battles in between clips. The battles aren't really battles either. One press of 'A' automatically performs the 'best' actions. This game requires no thought. It is the worst "Final Fantasy" ever invented.


Be glad you have not purchased this game. It is not worth purchasing, but a rental is ok.

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70 hours of my life wasted

posted by neilsix (PLAYA DEL REY, CA) Jun 1, 2010

Member since Apr 2008

13 out of 21 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

Let me preface this first by saying that I'm not a FF loyalist by any means. I enjoyed FF V and VI (aka FF 2 & 3 on SNES), but that was last FF experience I had prior to this.

Now, I will say this - FFXIII was the biggest waste of my time for the following reasons:

1) Unlikeable characters - I did not care for any of them. They were all forgettable, and none of them really had an interesting storyline to follow. Fang was as good as it got, but honestly, for as cool as they tried to portray her, I still didn't care.

2) TERRIBLE gameplay - I don't know how the progression from VI to now was, but I will say that there are so much less options from a game that came out nearly 15 years ago, which is a terrible sign for any franchise. Spells & Callers are totally irrelevant now, since all you have to do is hit the Auto-Battle option, and then MAYBE use a caller if you don't have any potions or phoenix downs. There was nothing particular spectacular about the spell abilities you gain (Libra and Dispelga were the only ones I used throughout the gameplay). Because Light was the main character, as long as my party was lead by her, I would be able to complete 95% of the game w/o much problem. The crystarium classes were cool for a time, but overall, they weren't anything special. The classic RPG exp. points system > this attempt at something new.

3) What was the story again? - I have no idea what I just did after spending 70 hours of playing. Yes, they give you datalogs to read through in case you didn't understand the cut-scenes, but the story is so bad that you won't even understand the datalogs. L'Cie, Fal'Cie, whatever. I didn't care after 10 hours, and I had another 60 hours to go.

Only positives were the graphics. Cut-scenes, though confusing in content, looked great.

I expected a lot of my return to the franchise, and I was greatly disappointed. I'm staying away from this franchise til I hear they got it right.

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A beautiful, horrible addition

posted by theGMP (HONOLULU, HI) Mar 28, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

18 out of 30 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

I have been a huge fan of the series since the SNES days. FF has always been one of those game series that always get my money on release day and gets undivided attention until I have conquered it. These are the basic things that I expect to be top notch in a Final Fantasy game: characters, story, battle system, development system, boss battles, and an adventure across a wonderous world. FF13 got every single one of these things wrong.

Characters: These guys are so shallow the kiddie pool looks like the deep end. They are as one-dimensional as you can get. There's no back story to any of them, let alone anything likable. I felt no connection at all, even as the story went on. I actually didn't use a character because I did not want to see or listen to him at all.

Story: It could not be more simple. There are no plot twists or turns, no surprises at all. Nothing like the past installments. And the dialogue feels like a teen wrote it. Or George Lucas.

Battle System: They've simplified it so that you only control one person while the AI uses the other two so the real time flow is undisturbed. I'll give them credit for developing a very good AI. The problem is it makes battles either very fast or very long and tedious. I'm not a big fan because I like to micromanage my characters and develop a strategy.

Boss battles: Fustrating. Even some 'regular' battles were ridiculous.

Development system: You know that great feeling you get when all your hard work developing your characters pays off as you decimate enemies? Doesn't exist in FF13. There's also no economy.

Adventure: No adventure. This game is as straight as a freeway. No exploration. Small side path? Chances are there's a treasure. That's it. Yay. And the world looks stellar, but lacks any character. It's just a place.

There is nothing redeeming in this game for me. This is a chore that I have struggled to complete since day one. I hate this game. It just disappoints me. Good thing you got GameFly to rent it.

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