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This game has to grow on you

posted by Mtkoffin (WEST BEND, WI) May 31, 2010

Member since May 2010

34 out of 55 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

I'm not gonna lie, the first time i played this game my initial reaction was "this is very pretty, but it lacks everything". But let me tell you, after playing this game my mind seemed to morph into whatever format Square Enix was working on and this has become possibly my favorite game for the Xbox 360.

Graphics: without doubt, amazing. Even the people who hate this game will tell you these graphics are top of the line.


Music: I was amazed at the wondrous music. It was no strange occurence when i found myself running around in circles before i entered the next zone just so i could continue listening to the music. At one point, i went as far as setting the game down and just listening to the music while i cooked dinner. (That was in some wonderland place with a lot of chocobo's, you're looking for your little frocobo)


Story: This is where skeptics jump in and begin making their claim, heck, i was one of them. Like the title says, it grows on you. In fact, i seriously considered returning the game up until about 8 hours in. The story began to capture me, and characters the i had previously considered huge tools had already started to grow on me.


Battle Sequences: Another "at one point iffy". At the beginning, the battles were basically pressing one button and defeating your opponent in literally 10 seconds. But as the game progressed you came unto more paradigms (classes changes not unlike FF X-2) this game became a lot more fun. The screen always captured you because there was never an empty moment and your brain is always on edge whether or not to change paradigms or not. 2 points off for the beginning but 10 for the rest of the game


Characters: At first i wanted to shoot them all, and for people who've played Lost Odyssey you'll know what i mean when i say they grow on you. Like i said, i called them all tools but after awhile i learned to love them.


I strongly recommend this game. wish i had more characters to type

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Best Next-Gen JRPG; Brilliant and Seductive!

posted by toMsonsLLC (BERWYN, IL) Mar 8, 2010

Member since Jun 2009

120 out of 202 gamers (59%) found this review helpful

Little less impressive on the 360, PS3 version is recommended.

Games Design: It's rather well done; the highlights are the great atmospheres. They did a fantastic gob on designing the environments, but FF13 does hit some big issues in game design. That being the games linearity, I know.. We heard about this subject to death, but it’s not game breakingly bad either. You do lose a sense of replayability because you are “forced” to go on with the story, while you might have grown up doing some side-exploration like in Final Fantasy 10 (which is my favorite). FF13 is great as what it is, but a little lacking for hardcore fans, but more than fine for the majority (casual gamers).

Voice acting: Good for the most part. Only real complaint about this is that well, you feel like some of the dialog is very corny and seems a tad unrealistic (melodramatic). But that’s to be expected from a JRPG! They do an excellent job at telling you a story.

Location(s): The game takes place on Cocoon, which is threatened by Pulse’ invasion. Pulse is a land over Cocoon, filled with giant monsters. Pulse is also where your exploration will finally happen later on the game, and it’s very large.

Battle(s): The battles are well thought out, and enjoyable. You fight as one person in your party, but you also sub-manage the others in their jobs. Let it be healing or full on attack! Using the summons is awesome, though very little variety. One thing you should know, this game is hard. Some bosses are super tough!

Leveling: There is one huge flaw for big FF fans, who train for hours on end like myself. You will reach a cap, and the game bottlenecks you for a long time. For the majority it's hard to reach these caps. The traditional leveling system is gone, what you have is a spin to FF10’s (sphere grid). You can choose what path you want to take, while not so much in the beginning as it tries to introduce you to the system.

RATING: 9.1 (Story is a little flat; Combat and visuals are amazing)

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The franchise should be ashamed

posted by GamerDaddy (LAKE STEVENS, WA) Nov 7, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

12 out of 19 gamers (63%) found this review helpful

Very linear. Very dull. It's like a movie that makes you push buttons every once in a while, and a bad movie at that. Horrible story line and character developement, gameplay that is dull and boring and repetitive, if you call that gameplay at all. I can probably give the controller to my 4 month old and tell her what button to press and she could beat the game. Graphics were nice but that's about the only good point to this whole package. Horrible horrible game which is only popular because of the name. Final Fantasy Franchise should be ashamed. ONLY ONLY ONLY play it if you are a die-hard FF fan who NEEDS to play them all. Otherwise, skip this for sure.

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