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FFXIII review

posted by cernunnos (GAINESVILLE, FL) Mar 26, 2010

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Graphics: Some of the environments are beautiful, near seamless transitions from cut screens to gameplay, overall the graphics are real nice but I would not say they are the best on the 360

Sound: Good voice acting, some character's voices can be quite annoying though but hey, that's Final Fantasy. The background music is alright, there is one song in particular that I really like.

Gameplay: After playing for hours on end it starts to get old fast but is fun for the most part. The combat system can be somewhat hectic, which is a plus in my book, and battles can sometimes be difficult/frustrating. I have resorted to just running past enemies/mini bosses who I deem too much of a pain in the....I am playing on Easy and certain battles are still difficult, probably because I am not grinding, as I said, I'm just avoiding some fights.

Lasting Appeal: The story will keep you coming back for more, at least the story is the main reason I continue playing.

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posted by Dhulk34 (AVONDALE, AZ) Mar 25, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

Amazing Story Amazing graphics just pure awseomness i highly reccomend this game.

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Very Good

Gets Better

posted by mextax77 (KENNETT SQUARE, PA) Mar 24, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

Final Fantasy 10 was probably the best game I have played, and the only Final Fantasy game I have played so I expected a lot from FF13. From the start, the game sucks I think, like all RPGs, it gets much much better and harder, but the start is painful. So don't send the game back after only a few hours of play time. Keep fighting and you will get the amazing Final Fantasy effect.

Graphics are awesome
Decent storyline
Hard and fun battle system (May seem easy and lame at first)

VERY Linear, follow a narrow path and kill stuff most of the game till the end.
Can be overemotional (Former FF players understand this)
Vanille = Annoying (Rent the game and you will understand)
Boring start

Conclusion: FF13 is a huge game, if you have the time, rent it. Since battles are live, the intense boss battles is what makes this game great, not adventuring and side missions like other RPGs. The more you play, the better FF13 gets.

Hope this helped

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