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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Battle Strategies

Speed is the key to success in Final Fantasy XIII. Follow these tips for success in almost any battle. Balance your Ravagers out with a Commando. Although Ravagers can take advantage of enemy elemental weaknesses, you'll need to Commando to stabilize the chain gauge. Staggering enemies is the name of the game. At least 80% of the enemies you kill will be staggered when you dispatch them. Pick one enemy in a group, focus on staggering it, kill it and move on to the next. Don't bother with manually entering commands. In most cases the AI can take care of itself. It will know who to heal and when. It will automatically adjust to target enemy weakness. It will even switch to area of effect attacks when facing large groups of enemies. Save your energy for looking at the bigger picture. That way, you can switch Paradigms at just the right moment. Scan, scan, scan, scan. Every time you encounter a new enemy, scan it at least once. Preferably twice. The first scan will reveal elemental weaknesses and the second scan will reveal status effect resistances. You don't have to bother to analyze this information. Once you've scanned an enemy, the AI will automatically target its weaknesses and avoid resistances. Learn how long it takes to switch Paradigms. An Paradigm change does take a small amount of time to carry out. If you change at the wrong moment you may find that you've interrupted an important attack, or worse, an important healing spell. Change Paradigms in such a way as not to interrupt your party's actions. Master the Sentinel role. There are several enemies, even as early as the mid-game, that are capable of one hit kills. In order to ensure your survival, you'll need a strong Sentinel to distract them. A Sentinel will also give your party time to cast status effects and buffs without taking too much damage. Learn to use the Synergist and Saboteur classes. Their status attacks and buffs are necessary when going against most bosses in the late game. While shel

Extra ATB

Set up two of the same Paradigms, and have them close to each other in the top of the menu. You do not have to use the same ones, but do so if it is the best attack. You might want to try this with your battle speed set to slow until you get used to the process. During turn 1, let your ATB charge. For example, if you have four attacks, during the third attack display the "Paradigm" menu, and highlight the next Paradigm. Once you see your fourth attack on screen or guess the timing for turn 2, use the extra ATB. After using this extra ATB during turn 3, charge your ATB so you can use it again. You must charge a turn to get an extra ATB. However, you cannot use an extra ATB to get another extra one. Note: You can just charge the ATB half way to get an extra one. For example: Turn 1: Attack, then switch Paradigm at end of attack. Turn 2: Extra ATB attacks. Turn 3: Repeat turn 1.

Determining Capped Weapon Experience

Use the following equation to determine how much experience is required to get any weapon capped at its current level: n = Increase your weapon will grow after every level obtained. For example, to get from level 1 to 2, you need 1,000 experience. From level 2 to 3, you need 1,125 EXP. n = 1,125 minus 1,000, which in this case is 125. So n for this weapon would equal 125. x = The total number of levels you will need to cap (Star) your weapon. For example, from 1 to 21 (Star) for Tier 1 weapons requires 20 levels (21-1=20). b = The base experience your weapon contains. For example, Axis Blade at level 1 requires 1,000 experience to reach level 2. 1,000 is the base experience. (xn-n)(x/2)+bx = Total experience necessary to cap a weapon. An easier way to understand this equation is x times n minus n. Then, multiply that value by x divided by 2. Then, add b times x.

Angry or Tired Character

While not in a battle, quickly move the Analog-stick Left and Right repeatedly to make that character become angry or tired.

Final Fantasy 4 Reference

The town of Palompolum is a reference to the twin magicians Palom and Porom from Final Fantasy 4. When properly translated into the Western alphabet from Japanese kanji, Porom should be spelled "Polom" or "Polum". The town's name is simply the names of the twins combined into one word.

Paradigms & Battle System - Commando

Commandos are the backbone of your damage dealing. They primarily use physical attacks. Commandos will not boost the chain gauge of most enemies. Instead, they will stabilize it, giving you time to recharge your ATB meter. While damage or spells from other Paradigms may spike the chain gauge, it will deplete so fast that you'll have to start all over again. Hitting an enemy with at attack from a Commando slows the rate at which the gauge decreases. You never want more than one Commando at a time in a party. In most fights you are going to want to focus on a single enemy. However, if you have two Commandos, the AI will choose two separate enemies to attack. The last advantage that Commandos have is not apparent until the enemy has been staggered. Most Commandos, with the exception of Sazh, have an attack that will throw a staggered enemy up in the air. Once there, the enemy is helpless and will not hit the ground as long as you continuously attack it. It is possible to stagger an enemy and then suspend it in the air indefinitely.

Paradigms & Battle System - Ravager

Ravagers are damage dealing mages. They use elemental attacks to spike the chain gauge of enemies. When you have a staggered enemy, you'll usually want to switch as many party members as possible to Ravager, keeping one as a Commando so you can air juggle. The biggest weakness of Ravagers is that their damage will cause the chain gauge to deplete very quickly. If you want to stagger enemies later in the game, you will need at least one Commando to help stabilize the gauge.

Paradigms & Battle System - Medic

Medics are mages that use curative magic. You'll want at least one, but preferably two party members who can act as Medics. You can also use Medics to raise comrades and dispel status effects. When a battle looks hopeless a Commando/Medic/Sentinel party can take down almost any enemy...eventually.

Paradigms & Battle System - Sentinel

Sentinels are the tanks of your party. In the early game, their skills may seem unnecessary, but as you progress, you will face more and more battles that can only be one through proper use of the Sentinel Paradigm. Sentinels will bait enemies to focus fire on them, freeing the rest of the party from damage and animation interrupting attacks. On top of this, Sentinels have an ability that will mitigate most of the damage they receive. In exchange for this, the amount of damage Sentinels can deal is extremely limited. Use Sentinels in all battles where the enemy can kill you in one hit. Even if you don't use the Sentinel role for the entire battle, it can be advantageous to have one in your party when it's time to heal, buff your party or de-buff enemies.

Paradigms & Battle System - Saboteur

Saboteurs will inflict devastating status effects on enemies. While status effects may have been next to useless in previous Final Fantasy games, they are indispensable in Final Fantasy XIII. Use Saboteurs when you are facing down enemies with high resistances to damage. Their slow ability can save the day when you're facing a large number of fast enemies. In the late game, Saboteurs can be used to kill some enemies almost instantly. The second strongest enemy in the game can be taken down in seconds with the Saboteur's Death spell (see chapter 12 walkthrough and the Mission guide for details.)

Paradigms & Battle System - Synergist

Synergists are the opposite of Saboteurs. Whereas the latter cast harmful status effects on enemies, the former buff your party with powerful stat boosting spells. Synergists are perhaps the least used class in the game. You often have no control of what buffs are cast, or when, and the AI prefers to spread the love evenly, rather than buffing a single character at a time. Synergists are absolutely necessary for a handful of boss battles throughout the game, but you will rarely find yourself using them against run-of-the-mill enemies.

CP Farming in Chapter 11

There are two good places to level up your Crystarium when you come into the Archelyte Steppe in the beginning of Ch. 11. The first one can be found in the Southwest Corner of the main map, the Western Benchland. South of the pond, there is a peninsula where little birdlike characters mass around. At first this seems like an intimidating battle, considering that the enemies will summon characters making the battles very long. However, this can be remedied, if you have 3 of the following four characters: Lightning, Fang, Snow, and Sazh. You'll only really need the following paradigms: Commando x3 / Commando x2+Ravager / Commando x2+Medic / Sentinel+Commando+Medic / Sentinel+Medicx2. Set the base mode on Commando x3 and go into battle. If you're able to get behind them it makes the battles all that much easier. Once you get the hang of things, you'll learn their pattern and be able to get them more often than not in a surprise attack. Have your leader, whomever you choose to have it attack with Ruinaga, followed by blitz. The Ruinaga will toss them into the air a tiny bit and hit multiple targets in a wide radius. The blitz should hit the same amount of people. Your support characters should attack with Blitz, Blitz, and then standard attack. The Ruinaga spell is important because it keeps the baddies from being able to mass a constant attack on you as well as keeping them unable to summon whoever they are going to bring into the battle. CP ranges from 2000 to 3500 for your 35-45 seconds of effort. If you're having a hard time, try Commando x2 + Ravager, and you may be able to juggle them a little, but the commandos really shred HP in this fight. The second method should be undertaken when you've gotten more HP and strength, since the fights will be harder. North of the first point, there is a place where the big wolf and a behemoth are fighting. Hit them. Concentrate first on the Behemoth and take him out. Don't kill the wolf, since he's your buffer from being behe

Secret Animation

Rotate the left stick quickly while on the field screen. Your character will perform a special animation. Each character has a unique animation.

Snow's "Perfect Defense" State

With an advanced party, it is possible for Snow to enter a "perfect defense" state. Equip him with his Winged Saint weapon or save the queen upgrade (for the improved Guard II ability); your three active party members must have reached Role level 5 as Sentinels. Paradigm Shift to Tortoise (SEN + SEN + SEN), and have snow preform Steelguard or Mediguard. Any attack aimed at him during that time will inflict only 1% damage or less.

Upgrading Tips

Study Bones / Ooze / Tail are the three 80 gil items which take 36 to equal a 3x multiplier. So, 2880 gil gets you 3x. If you're a Gil pincher - save money and wait until you can upgrade an item to max level in one shot - save the investment to a one time shot at multiplier. Furthermore, you won't need to level up any weapons until you're at a point you should be able to afford the expense. If you would rather just play and level up - do that - don't worry about the gil it costs you - just have fun and be happy. While Fluids and Oils may give more EXP, they're a waste since the inorganic items are so much better - you are better offf getting to 3x as soon as possible, and then switching to inorganic. For farmable scenes (like chapter 11) - nothing beats the bomb parts. I had nearly a two full stacks of bomb things from Marks and used them to level up most of the accessories required so I could unlock 'em all for the treasure hunter achievement/trophy.

Chrystarium System & Character Leveling

Levelling up your characters in Final Fantasy XIII is a linear process. Throughout the first half of the game, each character will only have access to three paradigms. The game provides enough enemies to max out each class before it expands the Chrystarium. After each character gains access to all of the classes, it is still a good idea to keep leveling them in their original Paradigms. The CP cost of each new ability grows exponentially and you'll need to devote your energy into obtaining the high level abilities in the characters' original Paradigms instead of the low level abilities in new ones. For example, late in chapter twelve you will run across an extremely powerful enemy, one of deadliest and most powerful in the game. Unless you've leveled up your party, and Vanille's high level Saboteur abilities in particular, you'll have no chance to take this enemy down. Within the three classes granted to each character, use your own discretion when choosing which ones to focus on first. Study the trees below and choose the path you want to take. You can easily switch focus if you run into difficulties. For example, if, like us, you find that Lightning dies very quickly against the enemies in chapter eleven, focus on the Medic paradigm, so as to boost her HP. Within each paradigm, feel free to make a beeline for more powerful abilities and temporarily skip branches that may offer immediate and tangible benefits.

Weapons & Weapon Leveling

Each character has access to a variety of weapons in Final Fantasy XIII, and each of these can be upgraded and leveled up two times. Any given weapon can be upgraded to a star rank, meaning that without a special item it is maxed out. However, if you find specific, rare and expensive items, it is possible to transform a star level weapon. Once transformed, it will acquire new abilities. You can then upgrade it to star level again. Once there, the weapon can be transformed into the character's ultimate weapon. The levelling path for all weapons lead to similar end points, so which weapon you decide to use is a matter of personal preference. A weapon will retain its special characteristics even after being upgraded to an ultimate weapon. For example Lightnings ultimate weapon, Omega weapon, confers an ATB +1 bonus. Her weapon, Apocalypse, slows ATB recovery. Once Apocalypse has been upgraded to Omega Weapon, it wall grant the ATB +1 bonus and slow ATB recovery. Check the weapon chart for more information. We have listed our recommendations down below. The most important things is that you pick a single weapon per character and stick with it. Upgrading is expensive and there's no sense in wasting recourses on two different weapons when they both have the ability to became an omega weapon. Recommendations for each character: Lighting: Weapon – Lionheart, Star Level 1 – Ultima Weapon, Star Level 2 – Omega Weapon, Req. Materials – Scarlettite and Trapezoheron Snow: Weapon – Power Circle, Star Level 1 – Battle Standard, Star Level 2 --, Req. Materials - Scarletite and Trapezohedron Vanille: Weapon – Balladonna Wand, Star Level 1 – Malboro Wand, Star Level 2 – Nirvana, Req. Materials – Uraninite and Trapezohedron Sazh: Weapon – Antares Deluxes, Star Level 1 – Fomalhaut Elites, Star Level 2 – Total Eclipse, Req. Materials – Uraninite and Hope: Weapon – Otshirvani, Star Level 1 – Urubutsin, Star Level 2 – Nue, Req. Materials – Scarlettite and Trapezoheron Fang: Weap

Easy CP

Use the following trick to get 6,600 CP in about two minutes. There are two Behemoth-like enemies fighting each other at Gran Pulse. When you encounter them a preemptive attack will always happen. Use the following Optima set-up: Attacker/Enhancer/Enhancer. Wait until you get Haste and Fire elemental offense. Then, switch to Attacker/Blaster/Blaster. Kill the purple creature to make the white one is easier to defeat. Return near the save point to have them respawn.

Sprint Shoes Accessory

You can either find the Sprint Shoes or make them. One of the methods to making them is using a Tetradic Tiara. Follow the order below exactly. This method works best if you have the accessory that makes you more likely to get a drop after a battle. Make sure you upgrade it to the top tier as well. 1. Buy Four Iron-Bangles (500 Gil each) 2. Make sure there are no Tetradic Tiaras in your inventory. 3. Keep doing Mission 7 (Disc 3, Gran Pulse) until you get a Tetradic Tiara (rare drop). 4. Save the game. 5. Break down all four Iron-Bangles. 6. Upgrade Tetradic Tiara level 1 to Tetradic Tiara ? (only one level until star). 7. Break down Tetra Tiara ?. 8. Repeat these steps as many times as desired. The result should be one raw material that sells for 12,500 Gil, three Talisman, and one pair of Sprint Shoes. The same process works if you get the Tetradic Crown drop instead of the Tiara; however, instead of breaking down four Iron-Bangles, just break down three. Also, instead of getting the Sprint Shoes, you will get Herme's Shoes. If you upgrade this to the star level (just one level), then upgrade it with the correct crystal/stone/etc., it will turn into the Sprint Shoes. Alternately, you can upgrade the Tetradic Crown to star level, then using the correct stone/crystal (Mnir Stone or something similar), you can turn it into Tetradic Tiara, and then perform the process above.