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Final Fantasy Lost.

posted by uomoprimo (PATERSON, NJ) Mar 25, 2010

Member since Jan 2005

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The Final Fantasy series has completely lost its way. Let's face it, later iterations of the games have never come close to approaching epically sweeping grandiosity of FFVII. Now five games further on into the twisted fantasyland of FF, we are faced with gorgeous graphics, but boring linear game play, and an overly tweaked battle system that makes this nothing more than a barely playable cartoon.

I didn't think it was possible for the series to go more astray than FFX when they tried to turn the game into an MMORPG (FAIL,) but I was wrong. Instead, they attempt to return the old formula with disastrous results. Cliche ridden characters that barely avoid racist connotations certainly don't help matters.

I can't imagine who is going to sit through hours and hours of this repetitious yawn-fest. I barely made it through three.

Final Fantasy is long dead.

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I only got to Chapter 12 because it's a FF series.

posted by arumat (DAHLGREN, VA) Apr 8, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

28 out of 43 gamers (65%) found this review helpful

1. Graphics are nice.
2. The scenery is some what nice.
3. You can level up your weapons and accessories.
4. Save points are shops and upgrade shops as well.
5. You heal after every battle without using items.
6. If you die, you can retry fighting the boss either right before you reach a boss or enemies.
7. It is final fantasy.
8. It is challenging.
9. After using a summon, any dead characters revive.

1. If the character that you are using dies it is game over.
2. You can not switch nor control your allies during battle. You can not change whom you are using to fight with during battle.
3. You do not get to choose whom you use to fight with until near or at chapter 11 (which is near the end of the game).
4. The limit breaks all the characters have are worse than one ordinary attack strike but cost 5 times more to use. Yes, the special that you get near the end of the game is terrible and it is not worth obtaining it.
5. A lot of the characters are not lovable, they are drowned in drama and they do not think straight and most of them look terrible.
6. The most maps are linear except for the map in chapter 11.
7. There are no safe towns, you are always on the run.
8. The game is pretty boring and seems like it is more of a soap opera than a final fantasy game.
9. There are a lot of items that have no purpose, I believe the items may have possibly have been used for something but due to space limits on the xbox, the game had to literally be cut in half for xboxs behalf, so the game is broken.
10. The bosses can get very hard and all enemies have a lot of hp and are strong.
11. You have to rely on using the stagger gauge for most (if not all) enemies because of how high of hp they have.
12. The only good items are phoenix downs and the shouds. Potions are worthless after chapter 5.
13. Not much items.

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posted by GHallPS3 (NEW CASTLE, PA) Apr 6, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

23 out of 36 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

The HD graphics are AMAZING but the game play is nothing like the other Final Fantasy games. The battle system is superb but I would definatly not call this game an RPG. You don't have any of the other freedoms that you have on the majority of the FF series.


Graphics = Amazing

Game Play = Completely Dissatisfying

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