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A Great Final Fantasy

posted by Macline (CRUM LYNNE, PA) Mar 20, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

Well lets start this off by saying they put alot of work into the graphics of this game. If you have a 1080p t.v. with at least a 5.1 doby digital surround sound then that will get you hooked right there. The game play is excellent the fight scenes get you into it. Its alot better then any other final fantasy although you have to still wait for the A.T.B. you don't have to wait for it to fill all the way up. Which turns final fantasy into more of a action game rather than an RPG. The only down side i see to this game is the free roam open map type game as in final fantasies before. They have a good amount of side quest, but the game is pretty much straight forward mission based. All in all its a great game an worth the buy. Look forward to FF 14 coming this winter.

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posted by Surge83 (BRADFORD, PA) Mar 19, 2010

Member since Mar 2008

ok to be honest i am a FF fan through n through but this game is not what i expected in my opinon Square Enix took 1 step forward 3 steps back the story is weak at best at some parts very predictable the pacing maybe a lil to fast for some and too top it off its a very linear point A to point B game now that the negatives are outta the way i'll get to the good stuff the visuals and the fighting are great the switch sytem is great the fact that if i die cause im tryin somethin new and im not really punished for it is great as well no more game over sreen just the retry screen but this can get annoying that and geting through half the game before i can choose my party mebers is a downer to so in conclusion this game is fun yet boring at the same time so if yer a FF fan yer gonna be dissapointed if yer new to the series its a good starting point so rent it if you like it buy it

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Old Fighting system decent game...

posted by DeadCry (COPPELL, TX) Mar 19, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

Story is pretty cool, kinda sad, it draws you in, the graphics are awesome, the fighting system has its upside, the system with classes or whatever is fun, but they need to change the fighting system cause the turn by turn stuff is old, they kinda speed in up in this game but its still so bloody boring, its almost impossible to attack and defend at the same time, so while you cant attack attack guard heal, you have a limited gauge, you use it up, change class, wait for more gauge, heal, if you want to guard theres another need to change class, but if you think you can just stay defensive and kill everything, you cant, not only does the defensive class not have any attacks, its only got 1 counter move from what i've seen, i pre ordered it, i kind of regret it, worth renting, not worth buying, if your a fan of the final fantasy go for it then, if not, try devil may cry, kingdom hearts, or something that doesnt make you wait 5 seconds to be able to block an attack

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