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Great game with one major flaw

posted by DisHero (CHATTANOOGA, TN) Mar 25, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

This game is great, by far the greatest RPG on the market now. The game has one major flaw, however. In this one, unlike all the others, you only have control over one character while controling the other two character's "roles". This is ok, but the one big drawback is that if the lead character (the one you control) is killed, then it's game over. Even if the other two are still alive, the game ends. In all the others every party member had to be ko'd for the game to be over. Sometimes the A.I. doesn't recognize this and heals antoher character instead of you. This really sucks because some of these bosses have over 16 MILLION HP and it sucks to spend 45 minutes almost beating one, just to have the leader killed and the game be over while the other two characters are just fine. They should have really spotted that and adjusted it to switch to the next live character and give you the chance to revive your leader. If it wasn't for that, this game would be a 10.

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Not as bad as everyones making it.

posted by joHNNyDee (MINOOKA, IL) Mar 23, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

The story line is not that hard to follow. At first its a little puzzling but as long as you put two and two together you should be fine after about a half hour of game play you can figure it out. I, personally, found the storyline to be breath taking and I don't know why people are saying that you dont have feelings for the characters because, though i didnt connect personally, I felt pity,empathy,joy sadness and any other emotion for them. The graphics are amazing of course no one will doubt that. As for the mashing the X button... that's not entirely true if you take the time to look at the screen you can see that you can select your own attacks... the "smashing the x button" way is only meant to be used for fast action or to just get something over with such as weak monsters that you are too strong for(since you cannot flee). You can only control one character which is a bit of a drag but it also saves you time. I do agree however that the paradigms, though they do require skill and a thought process to use, was not as good as grinding a.k.a leveling. The game play is extremely linear in which I did not like either but I guess it was made so that you can get to the story line faster? I don't know it's the only logical reason I can think of at the moment. AND FINALLY TO END MY REVIEW!!!! STOP COMPARING THE OLD FF GAMES TO THE NEWER ONES!!! Though you may want it to be the same it's not and just because something is different doesn't necessarily make it worse. You have to play every game without a bias and without expectations in order to fully grasp the game as it is. If you are expecting it to be like a past game you will be unsatisfied like most of the reviews I've read so far. Though the game isn't perfect I feel that it does deserve some respect because it was not all bad. If you disagree with me I respect your opinion but please stop attacking this game because it doesn't measure to FF7 or 8, which indeed are great games.

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It isn`t FFX it`s almost as good and maybe better!

posted by Jumpman (COTTAGE GROVE, OR) Mar 23, 2010

Member since Jul 2006

First thing DO NOT listen to what everyone is saying this game is not about just graphics if you play longer than 2 minutes you`ll figure that out but seeing as how people are playing through the intro then writing a review your not getting are correct review. This game opens with a breathtaking opening scene then it shows you the new type of fighting and it`s amazing it makes you think your watching a movie, keep in mind this game IS NOT FFX that game is done so get over it in my personal opinion it ranks up near X pretty close because yes the game DOES start a little bit slow like any other final fantasy EVER but the more you play the more you love the battling the characters and the story. I personally already really like the characters they`re done with great voice actors and have their own personality and no the main character isn`t Tidus but that doesn`t mean she isn`t likable. And for you people who just can`t get over FFX, the leveling system is very similar but you don`t actually level up you do something sorta like the grid in FFX but more easy to use so it`s better than FFX in that way. I loved FFX but people just need to get over the fact that it`s done if Square-Enix made every Final Fantasy exactly the same then it would get a little boring so instead of expecting FFX-3 try to open your mind and play something a little different ever since Final Fantasy for the Nintendo every FF has changed in it`s own way FFVII had materia and FFVIII had drawing and GFs so expect a change in every Final Fantasy they aren`t going to just be FFX.

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