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End Game.

posted by Karasu (SANTA CRUZ, CA) Mar 21, 2010

Member since May 2009

I've beaten the game and have gotten the Platinum trophy. This game is boring until the 11th chapter(There are only 13 chapters.) This game is slow and the story is dull and boring and doesn't draw you in. The battle system is new and easy to use and until the end game you really don't need to use any strategy at all to win any fights. It's really easy. The characters aren't that great but they're not bad. The only person i really disliked was hope. He gets slightly better at end game. OK END GAME TAlK TIME. this game you have to start using strategy around chapter 11.5 and up if you want to be getting 5 star. Also the weapon system and accessory system is non-existant until end game when you have a means to get gil easily and plentiful. Leveling up weapons is a breeze but it is not needed to beat the game. The last boss fight was disappointing. But the cut scenes and graphics in the game are amazing. After you beat the game A LOT of stuff opens up. This is when i decided to finish the last 30ish missions i didn't do before i beat the game. This is also the time i spent getting trophies i haven't and maxing out all my character skills. I think this game doesn't really get started until you beat it and go through the missions and get some of the tougher trophies like adamant will. The hard missions like mission 64. Is a mission where you must use strategy and you have to rank up yer weapons a bit if you don't want the fight to be long. IDK if people are going to really get what im trying to say so i'll say it right now clearly. This game is bad. until you get to end game then it gets to be extremely fun and you get some challenge.End game/Post game= Win.

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GF Rating



posted by ae0nBlue (EATONTON, GA) Mar 20, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

wow. this game is by FAR the prettiest and most fluent rpg i have played to date. as a seasoned rpg player for 20+ years I would have to rate this at a solid TEN. AMAZING! Props to Square Enix for another masterpiece!

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A Great Final Fantasy

posted by Macline (CRUM LYNNE, PA) Mar 20, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

Well lets start this off by saying they put alot of work into the graphics of this game. If you have a 1080p t.v. with at least a 5.1 doby digital surround sound then that will get you hooked right there. The game play is excellent the fight scenes get you into it. Its alot better then any other final fantasy although you have to still wait for the A.T.B. you don't have to wait for it to fill all the way up. Which turns final fantasy into more of a action game rather than an RPG. The only down side i see to this game is the free roam open map type game as in final fantasies before. They have a good amount of side quest, but the game is pretty much straight forward mission based. All in all its a great game an worth the buy. Look forward to FF 14 coming this winter.

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