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Final Fantasy XIII


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GF Rating


Kind of dissapointing

posted by yourmum (JACKSON, NJ) Mar 31, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

Final fantasy 13 was more dissapointing then fun. ive put a good 15 hours into it so far and the only word i can think of for it is bleh. they took out side missions (and i am a fan of all the classic final fantasys) the WHOLE game is way too easy. the battle system is fine i dont really have a problem with it but i have a problem with everything else. splitting the characters up and the going through each of there storys by doing a cutscene every twenty minutes. the whole free roaming part of the game feels like a waste of time with no citys to go to or special weapons or magic to unlock. i like the leveling system with the different kind of jobs thats always a good method since ff5 but thats the only good thing.

You might as well give the game a chance and see if you like it but if you love the classics like myself im not to sure if you will.

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GF Rating


Great Looking Game

posted by NanashiSan (ATLANTA, GA) Mar 30, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

It was an amazing 60hrs playing this game. There were plenty of wow CG. The only quarrel I have with this game is the linear gameplay. This is the first Final Fantasy that is remotely linear.

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Finally It here.

posted by jadakazz (CERES, CA) Mar 27, 2010

Member since Sep 2009

If u played the other Final Fantasy games it doesnt matter. This game is so much different than those games. The battle system is this game is much more fast pace. It gonna take plenty of hours to get used to this battle system and more hours to have full use of the system. But once you get to about 20-25 hours of the game it opens up. The music is this game is ok but not legendary as the other Final Fantasy. The Summons are cool but they could have made them alot strong it seems sometimes it better to not use them. The game starts very slow but if u stick with it your in for a treat this game is very good with some great characters. Also this game has cut-scence that are just beautiful to look at an experinence. This is designed for the Playstation not the xbox with the xbox you dont even get Full HD so it a waste. Final Fantasy is a great game design for a great console the PS3.

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