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Decent game But Falls short of what is expected

posted by Zenron (AUSTIN, TX) Apr 29, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

Final Fantasy has always been hailed for it's exceedingly Epic and Emotional storylines and this, the thirteenth does live up to. The 13th installment of FF also keeps it's highly revered cutscenes and fully developed characters. The only flaw I see in FFXIII is it's inability to take full advantage of the possibilities. It hardly changes the combat system, only adding in the Paradigm shift which, in my opinion, an annoyance because it limits the possibilities of each character; sure it makes required a certain skill to foretell when to switch Paradigms but I honestly liked the all-in-one roles the characters of the other FF installments simply because it allowed more room for strategy. The most annoying thing about this game though is the length and repetition of tasks. I wont give away any storyline but the game basically consists of fight your way through mobs of enemies to reach a boss, or, in other cases, fight your way out. I believe there are 2 times when you are doing something besides running around or battling and that is when certain characters obtain the ability to control large vehicles or mounts and you tromp around...honestly in no satisfying way whatsoever.
So, In a nutshell:
-Captivating storyline and Character Development
-Great Graphics and animation
-Exceptional Strategic battles with room for improvement
-A lot of Repetition in Gameplay with only unique fights and tasks being bosses or a few random outbursts of originality
-An Overwhelming amount of buildup before unpredictable storyline and task set ensues

All in all, worth buying if you are a fan of the FF series just for the sake of saying you have played all the games but it is not the FF game that will get you hooked on FF.
My best advice? Go buy a book instead, you'll save about $45 or just rent the game and send it back once you agree with me, thats one of the perks of GameFly right?

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GF Rating


graphics does not make a great game

posted by wizardaeon (HENRICO, VA) Apr 15, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

First off I am going to say I was very disappointed in this FF. After playing for 3 hours I realized I was only going to get to go in 1 direction- the direction they wanted me to. I'm sure this is everyone's chief complaint but I'm sorry it ruined the game for me.
The game has the best graphics I have ever seen. But this game proves a point I have been trying to make since cel-shaded graphics killed The Legend of Zelda= the Windwaker in reviews(and sales). The Wind Waker was an awesome game- had so much to do, so much exploring- great challenge, plenty of time to play the game. Most people who complained about it were riding the anti-nintendo wagon and gave it a bad review because of cel shaded graphics. The truth is,this game was awesome and the graphics were actually pretty good for what they were.
FF 13 has a great combat system, great characters, great story- but the linear part of the game just flat out ruined it.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Don't get involved!!!

posted by Wavy666ps3 (QUEENS VILLAGE, NY) Apr 15, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

Worth a play through if ur a fan bit don't even bother getting involved !!!!

Story is fairly confusing since everything has the same name. Power through

Graphics and cg very nice.

Game play linear. Only later side missions
which are no fun. Lotta running around.

The worst endgame of any ff game ever. Cheap creatures. Best way to kill a lot of them is to spam death spells and hope they hit b 4 u die. How lame is that. No good way to make money.

Battle system can be overwhelming. Can't pay attention to everything that's happenening.
A real miss for the ff series.

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