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FF that is actually a challenge.....

posted by greeneman (AUSTIN, TX) May 16, 2010

Member since Aug 2005

I've read hundreds of reviews of this game, I've never seen such mixed reviews on a FF game lol, (I've played all FF's from VII) so once I rented I knew what to be expect, both good and bad. This game is different from previous versions with nonon to Limited NPC interaction, cities, and linearity. RPG's have changed and evolved, while I do still love my old school RPGs (FFVII remake, can I have it?), lol. I think with games like Oblivion, Demon Soul, etc. and other western RPG's it forced Square to really re-evalute their product as these RPGs are picking up steam. Personally to play this game, you really have to have an open mind and look at the game as a self contained unit.....not Volume XIII.

This game certainly has its cons (the linearity is almost mind-numbing), but I can honestly say it has its pros to go along with them (not becoming a total God is good), I won't bog you down with specifics as there are more than enough reviews, my point is......just try and keep an open mind (too eliminate any bias) and see the game for what it actually is.

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Give it a shot.

posted by DrGonzo562 (LOS ANGELES, CA) May 6, 2010

Member since May 2010

I must admit, I did not finish this game. That’s not to say that this game is bad but after 35 hours I realized I was forcing my self to play just so I could finish it.

First, the good, this game looks amazing. The in game as well as pre-rendered cinematics are breathtaking but let’s be honest, we all expected that. I also found the sound to be very immersive and the score very well composed. The battle system is a blast and the game does a good job of slowly teaching you the intricacies of what becomes a deep and engaging system.

Now the not so good, I felt the story was pretty hard to follow. Granted this is kind of the intention and nature of how the story is told. Timeline wise you kind of start out the game at the halfway point of the story and get snippets of the back-story as you further progress through the game. It was interesting but also hard to follow with all the lingo attached to this game world. To square’s credit they do log all story arcs that con be accessed at any time if you want to flesh out or brush up on what’s going on. I also didn’t really find any of the character to be particularly engaging or relatable. I didn’t flat out hate any of them like so many others but I didn’t feel attached to any either.

In the end I would say if you have an interest in this game you should at least check it out as I'm sure some people will love it. I myself like it but not enough to play for another 20 hours.

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Worst Final Fantasy. Ever.

posted by TigerD (ALEXANDRIA, LA) May 2, 2010

Member since Aug 2009

Pretty much every bad idea anyone ever had for an RPG is in this game. Enemies with 750 thousand hitpoints? Check. Uninvolving, boring battle system? Check. Weak story? Check. I grant you that the graphics are nice, but I need more than pretty pictures to look at for a 40 hour game.
There's little to do here other than mash the X button. A lot of your success is wrapped up in where your characters decide to stand. You aren't allowed to just kill off an enemy, you have to wail on it for an hour to "stagger" it before you can do any real damage. In practice, it feels like every single monster has a shield you must destroy and it gives the whole game a feeling of drudgery. Even normal enemies have as much as 3/4 of a million hit points. (though since they appear in packs that's 1.5 million hit points for you to slog through, easy.)

Positioning is important. However, you can't control it. Sometimes characters will stand inside an area of effect attack zone, sometimes they won't. It's pure luck.

Summoned monsters are basically tranformers now. They probably exist to sell toys and plastic models. I've never seen Odin and Bahamut look so ugly. BURN.

This is unquestionably the worst Final Fantasy game ever made, and I include Dirge of Cerberus in that statement. Don't waste your time or money on this game.

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