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Final Fantasy XIII


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so disappointing

posted by lycinius (TUCSON, AZ) May 18, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

theres no freedom to travel to towns hunt monsters etc. i was very disappointed

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Really wanted to love this game...

posted by Collink (SEQUIM, WA) May 17, 2010

Member since Sep 2008

I wanted to love this game so much, been on a Anime binge lately and I figured, what could be more Anime-like then Final Fantasy? But, though it has great graphics, the style is too realistic to be cute. The plot and charactures never really swept me up. In the end, after 50 hours of game play I had to ask myself if I was enjoying this game and the answer was no.

The game play is fernetic, but you never feel like you are really making enough tactical decisions, combat wise. And most of the game you feel like you are running down a tube. (Or worse, back and forth across the same areas, later when you get to the 'open' part.)

Bottom line, give this game a miss.

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Not happy to come back to this!

posted by Mdrnsamura (BRONX, NY) May 17, 2010

Member since May 2010

So I finally broke down and bought a PS3 and then the added excitement of a relatively new Final Fantasy just had to be perfect, right? Wrong! Wrong in so many ways. The characters are weak, the story is weak, the battles are Awesome until you find out that you fought for 10 minutes and get nothing for your effort. And if one more character cries or whimpers and or complains? Really come on? Do the game designers really think people act like this?

As far as character abilities/classes go, I see two or three wasted right off the bat (Sentinel & Synergist). Paradigm Shift is nice but not enough variety when the characters are weaker. Some setups accomplish absolutely nothing during a battle at all. So it's a huge waste of time. Even when you think the setup is strong, using the wrong character gets you no where. Weapons & Accessory development is difficult without consulting a walk through manual and then it takes far too long to get any gil to buy stuff. Nothing worse then selling stuff and finding out you need it later in the game?

It's really a shame that square emasculated this game like this. Graphics were great but all the other problems make it a real disappointment. Glad to have rented instead of buying!

Currently looking for my copy of Final Fantasy Tactics.

If you are a die hard FF fan then play it once. If you aren't, let this one go.

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