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Square Enix announced the Collector's Edition for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 today. It comes with special packaging, an art book, a pocketwatch, and Aerith costume DLC for $89.99. Read more

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The latest trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 shows off Lightning shopping at some boutiques and customizing her clothing colors. Read more

"In the mythos, there are various gods and settings that are within that storyline. But in terms of the XIII series that pertains to Lightning, that world will definitely come to an end. But the overall Fabula Nova Crystallis, they are the backbone of games like Type-0 and Final Fantasy XV. We don't believe Fabula Nova Crystallis will end with Lightning Returns. Fabula Nova Crystallis is still existing." Read more

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII may be the most-advanced FF game we'll see in the current generation, actually launching after the next generation of consoles, but it certainly still remembers the old ways. A new gameplay trailer shows eight minutes from the sequel-sequel, full of series touchstones like chocobos and fighting weird blobs. Read more

Square Enix announced some crossover goodies for its two biggest current and upcoming Final Fantasy games today: a special Lightning-centric event in FF14, and a FF14 costume in Lightning Returns. Read more

The Final Fantasy series may no longer inspire the gasps of awe, wonder and glee that it used to--aside from its cinematics. Square Enix has revealed the five-minute opening of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and oh my stars, awe wonder glee, it really is awfully pretty. Come see! Read more

You, of course, are far too wise to pre-order games unless or they're cheap enough or come with something fancy enough that you're happy taking a gamble. The Cloud Strife costume and sword offered as pre-order bonuses for Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII are not that fancy, but they are sort of cool so hey, come look. Read more

"There has to be a way to get through," Lightning mutters as she approaches a locked gate in the 'E3 Demo Gameplay' trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Then she presses a button and it opens. Yes, while it's still a short cutty-snippy 'gameplay' trailer, at least it's more honest than most about what you'll actually do in the game. Read more

Good news: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has a firm release date! Bad news: it's February 11, 2014; a mite later than the fall 2013 launch Square Enix had planned. Good news: Squeenix has dropped a new trailer and screenshots (admittedly low-res ones) for the RPG sequel-sequel ahead of its showing at E3 next week. On balance: pleasant news! Read more