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Please stop using the Final Fantasy title.

posted by lordkor (MANAHAWKIN, NJ) Feb 21, 2014

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I've been a long time fan of the FF series since the very first. It's a shame to see how far they strayed from tradition. The best thing FFLR has going for it is the graphics. Other than that it's a tedious button mashing RPG which totally lost sight of the FF name. They took away several RPG elements. You no longer get XP when killing monsters. You can only increase your stats through quests and equipment. Also you don't learn new abilities, they have to be either found or part of equipment and the abilities can only be assigned to select buttons. Some equipment already has locked abilities that you can't remove so you're limited to what you can map. It's a chore to equip and setup three different sets and constantly switch them through battles or remap abilities. The stat increases from quests are so miniscule it's almost pointless. They are generous, however, awarding you a bunch of useless accessories that have no effect on your stats at all. Quests can be EXTREMELY drawn out. What you might think is a quick quest turns out to be a tedious bore. For example, an NPC might want an item. You get it and bring it to them. Should be the end right? No, then they want something else, then something else. It's rarely straightforward and some quests will take DAYS game-time to complete because an NPC won't give you all the info you need right away. Mostly, the whole game you're racing against the clock. You only have up to 13 days until the end of the world so for the most part you're rushing around trying to finish quests and help people in order to "Save" their souls and extend the time. Also, you fight mostly alone without any party members save for a few spots in the game.


Tedious multi part quests.
No party.

Nothing like the traditional FF series.
Controller smashing boss battles.

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Trash bin

posted by randomall (FPO, AP) Feb 20, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

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"Square spent so much on a proprietary engine that it was in their best interest to create sequels that re-use assets from the original sum it up. the games a MMO fetch quest with no leveling and a time limit." out for fake accounts claiming this game is anything to someone you know that has played this and ask.....worst FF.

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Different is Good

posted by Yakixx (PINOLE, CA) May 28, 2014

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I haven't played a traditional FF in years, but to be honest I'd hate to throw away this amazing graphical power of the 360 or PS3 waiting for my ATB bar to fill up. Is there anything better than casting Firaga, or Flare on a bunch of monsters?

If you hated FF13 and 13-2 DON'T play this. This is the same story, same characters similar battle system. Why would you try it again if you didn't like the first two?

Where this game shines is it's battle system. Not only are the fights exciting, but they require a lot of preparation and precise timing to win. You will get your butt handed to you more than a few times, but it's very satisfying to finally nail down the guard and reduce an attack to nothing when just the fight before it was taking away half your HP. The boss fights are amazing and the music puts you right in the action as you try your best to guard and figure out what is the best way to win.

As a lot of people have complained there are no XP points. Here your stats grow after every quest. It's a different system but with a quick look on the internet you can plan out your days to make the most efficient use of your time. Unless you 're like a genius you must use the internet to help you with this, I mean what century are we in anyway? I finished the main quest by day 8, started doing side quests after that and was able to finish around 50 with no problem. It does get tedious, but that depends how much time you want to put into it. I spent almost 45 hours on my first playthrough, and trust me 13 days is plenty of time.

The story is okay at best, kept me wondering what would happen. Sort of. The biggest twists at the end definitely made it worth it. Also don't diss the side quests storylines, some of them were actually quite interesting.

Overall if you like action oriented RPGs you should give this game a try. You have to have played the other two to fully understand the story but if not this game will try to give you a quick crash course.

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