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posted by ColeCreek (KREAMER, PA) Jan 30, 2012

Member since Feb 2010

24 out of 29 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

After one of the biggest seasons in history in terms of great RPG releases I had to the pleasure of sitting down and playing through Square's latest installment in the Final Fantasy universe, Final Fantasy XIII part deuce. It is a direct sequel to 13 and if you played 13 you will be happy to hear that many of the characters that you were introduced to return (albeit in minor bit roles). However the main story revolves around Lighting's sister Serah and her time travelling buddy Noel. The third member of your party is rounded out by monsters that you capture in battle and can breed / level up, which was fun and a nice addition to the series. The linearity of 13 which by reading online seemed to be one of the negative aspects that people pointed out was sort of addressed here in part in instead of a single corridor leading to your destination the maps are more open and have more goodies in chests and you can revisit areas you have explored plus there are fetch quests, casinos, chocobo races and other things to do. One thing I will point out that with the expection of a few bosses which require some strategy the bulk is 13-2 is on the easy side which can be a real problem with me (especiall after playing Dark Souls before 13-2) but to be honest the overall game is amazing enough that I didn't mind too much...the magic I felt as a kid playing FF 3 or FF7 on my PS1 as a young adult hasn't changed a bit and in alot of the reviews I've read about the series in general fail to mention this. And in this day and age everyone can use a little magic in their lives.

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Very Good

A very redeeming FF game

posted by SankaYouDeadMon (APOLLO, PA) Apr 22, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

FF XIII was one of the few games that I played for about 30 minutes and immediately sent it back to Gamefly. Let me say though that FF XIII-2 is NOT the same game, so do not fear! The biggest difference is the exploration aspect is back. FF XIII-2 is no longer linear, its much more open to exploration. The maps are much bigger, have more side quests, have "safe areas" with shops and NPCS, and the time travel aspect adds an interesting twist and also allows some replay value for each level. Thats the biggest breath of fresh air. Another cool addition is the ability to capture and train monsters (yes, similar to Pokemon). That gives the player more incentive to grind and really try to capture some cool/powerful monsters. The level up system is much improved and seems much more user friendly. Although you can only play as Serah or Noel, the monster aspect adds some variety to your party and battle tactics. The story is entertaining, but this game really made me realize how cheesy FF games are. Ive played most of the games since FF7, and maybe I just never realized it before, but the cheesy, inspirational music and emotional, sensitive characters really made me blush at some points. Every character cries or is on their period at some point in the game, I couldnt help but roll my eyes at multiple parts. I suppose thats just a typical FF characteristic though. All in all, if youve played FF XIII and hated it, then dont let that sway you from this game because its a complete overhaul of the previous. This is much more classic FF gameplay, classic RPG style for that matter.

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GF Rating


Amazing Title

posted by AscensionFlame (SMYRNA, DE) Apr 18, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

One of the best RPG's I've played in a long time. There is always a sense of epicness while playing and the characters are geourgous. The story keeps you hooked and the combat system has been much improved and you can now capture and level up creatures to fight beside you. Nothing beats fighting a strong creature like some dragon or something and then making it join your team!

The game is -long- fun and difficult. I am a few hours in and already I can feel the difficulty of it all. This game is not only worth a rent it is one that should be added to your collection asap. I love it.

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