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Very Good

overall a great play!

posted by Vyndrais (WEST COVINA, CA) Mar 20, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

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gameplay 4/5
ffxii was a good game overall. as any game it takes a few hours for the story and the game mechanics to sink in but once you get past that it's actually very good.

the game makes you level/gil grind a little bit, which i'm not really a fan of - although sometimes i can see the necessity. as for ff games, it was very different (gameplay) but has some amazing cut scenes (as always); but it really reminded me of ff11 (game mechanics).

the side quests were a nice way to help with grinding, at least 2-3 times (outside of questing) i found myself running through areas grinding levels, points and loot (for gil). i was almost always undergeared/underspelled but making sure i was the same level as the boss really helped with that.

aesthetics: story & graphics 4/5
the story and the characters grow on you and really make it a good playing experience. i don't think i really noticed any plot fails.

i'm not really sure if it was just me/my tv/? but i had a little bit of an issue with the graphics - overall everything looked great, but sometimes the faces looked a little weird. it's hard to explain, but it caught my attention a lot.

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GF Rating



posted by havochaos (BOONE, NC) Mar 19, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

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The perfect rpg game many hours lost to this game over 150 hours lost but those were good hours, i hope square enix makes a xbox 360 game with similar battle system, i love the battle system and everything else about the game 10 10 10

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Perfection? almost...

posted by Paladin5 (OSHKOSH, WI) Nov 4, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

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Well another installment of Final Fantasy is among us. After being delayed numerous times, Square Enix has been under alot of scrutiny about this game. People questioned the new control scheme, the license board, the new freedom.

I must say, it was all for naught. This game is remarkable. Almost every aspect of this game works to perfection. After playing the new battle system for a couple hours... you'll fall in love. It flows so much better than any battle system prior to this one. BIG IMPROVEMENT!

The graphics on this game are outstanding. The in game graphics are probably the best on the PS2. And the CG graphics are knocking on the door on the next gen counsels. Ever texture and monster design and level is bright vibrant and colorful. You''l find your self playing it over and over again just to look at the designs throughout the game. Simply Amazing.

Get ready for a very in depth story and great character chemistry. You will be away from the outside world for awhile :)

Now on to the controversial aspects. First the new gambit system. It works REALLY well. You can pretty much control everyone of your party member to do what you want them to do. ANYTHING you want done you can set them to do. It gets more and more in depth as the game progresses and turns into an absolute strategic experience.

Now the new license board. This is where the game gets tricky. you can view this part of the game two ways. You can either not like it because there really is no direction. OR you CAN like it because there is no direction. I am in between on this one. A little bit more direction would be nice. However, it is nice to be able to set each one of you party member to do absolutely any job or class or skill you want them to do. There are new "quickening" on the board which also work as an absolute damage vortex.

This game is knocking on the door of the greatest game of all time. GET IT!! RENT IT!!! anything. you will be hooked for a long time to come. :)

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