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Final Fantasy XII

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One of the best

posted by Arshus1 (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) Apr 7, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

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There is story in almost everything. The espers, the marks, alot of the locations, why they are the way they are. Just awesome game. No turned based fighting sweet, gambits pretty much program what you want your char. to do is just awesome. No need to tell each char. what to do on the field. Preset them with the gambits and your golden. Decent story, wasn't to sure why it was placed in Ivalice but ok. I really thought I was playing some souped up version of FF tactics obviously the music is straight from tactics but hey thats just fine with me. The fact that the marks are the most difficult ecounters are kinda cool and how each one has a little story to them is great. I loved actually seeing some of the equipment Ragnorok, aegis sheild, to say a few is very rewarding on the char. Summons were kinda pointless. I preferred to empty my magic into quickenings than into espers myself. FF3 was my first ff experience reaquanting myself with them in this title was most enjoyable. This is a FF title just not to miss. And if you are into mmos your transition will not be hard. Truly what an RPG is all about.

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One of the greatist final fantasy's ever o.o

posted by hi14522 (GREENFIELD, NH) Mar 29, 2010

Member since Jun 2009

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Warning this game will take you forever to beat so it's a good idea to buy this. I own this game and now it's very very cheap so buy this game at your gamestop.

This game is very new from any old final fantasy. First the fighting it's live fighting and you need sometime to get used to it but it's a great way they did it. Warning some puzzles will drive you crazy sometimes but it's fun. Also the bosses are hard in a nice way but sometimes they pull off a big move so watch your hp when fighting.

This game is great but a very long game it's about 50+ hours and i still haven't beat it yet but it's still fun.

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Prepare for change, prepare for greatness

posted by Takerkain (FAIRFIELD, ME) Nov 1, 2006

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First off, within the first hour, one will notice that this is a Final Fantasy much different than any seen thus far in the series, and this can put a gamer off at first, especially a huge Final Fantasy fan like I am, but within a few more hours of gameplay one sees how great the game truly is. The game opens up with beautiful cinemas showing the world of Ivalice and the warring factions that try to control it. You get to play as a rookie mercenary very briefly as you get the controls down as you try and save your king from harm. This is where you notice the battle system is unlike any single-player Final Fantasy, but more like FF XI. There is no turn based battle anymore, just real time slashing action but with the hinderance of a time meter that determines when you slash your enemy. After the scenes with the mercenary are over you take control of the main male character of the game, Vaan, who is a young man who dreams of having his own airship one day. You control Vaan through the town of Rabanastre running errands and going on hunts, which is the main side quest of the story. You go to a bulletin board, find a wanted poster more or less and hunt down and kill the beast for a reward. The License board is interesting but can be a pain in that you need to use points to unlock abilities and upgrades but most also require you to purchase the ability in the shop so if you unlock cure, you can't actually use it until you go to a magic shop and buy the cure ability. It's much like the sphere grid system in FFX, just a bit more confusing. I do however think the Gambit system is very welcome in that you can set your characters actions during battle (with the ability to override manually) so that once you're in battle, you can almost do nothing if you choose. This wouldn't work with a turn based system, but with the system in place it works really well. I'm running out of space so I'll leave with that if you keep an open mind you will find FFXII amazing.

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