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posted by markjones33 (SPOKANE, WA) Oct 20, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

unsupported by ps3 unfortunately.

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Really Bad


posted by Whatshisname26 (BROOKLYN, NY) Jun 7, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

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I don't understand why someone hasn't rounded up all the copies of this game and put them on a raging bonfire.

First of all, the story in its own is a complete failure. Almost all of the characters are annoying (the main character just whines about how it's his story, even though its Yuna's), the plot makes no real sense and feels like they came up with these different places, then shoehorned them into the story. The best example of this is when you're team falls through some ice, and they wake up IN A DESERT.

The design of everything is your typical square overdesigning everything to look super animu, and while some of it does look pretty cool, some of the character designs are downright laughable (I'm looking at you Seymour and Tidus). They even went through the trouble of creating a sport that while cool, is completely implausible and breaks physics. And don't give me "it's magic", magic can only do so much.

The gameplay is in my opinion, awful, but I'll admit I'm biased as I'm not a fan of turn based combat. It works, but you have to spend hours upon hours grinding to get your characters to a high enough level where they won't get instakilled, which is just padding the game to make it seem like it's longer, which is bad game design.

Basically, I played through it to watch what happened to Tidus at the end (I already knew what happened) because I hated his character and his constant whining.

This game should NOT have been made.

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game condition

posted by shadow50 (EL PASO, TX) Aug 17, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

it was not the game that was bad, it was just the condition it was in. a specific cutscene was playing and when it stopped talking the good cg grafics cutscene was suposed to start(i know that because i checked online)but it didn't start, it was really frustrating i tried several techniques of cleaning a disk. But the same thing happened, which ruined it for me. thats why i gave it a 3.

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