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Paine's Sphere

Chapter 5: In the Farplane. After you have made your way through the holes and played the organs and before you fight Vegnagun, you will reunite with Gippal. He hands Paine the sphere she left in her recorder. You get the chance to watch it then, and do n

Easily Pay Off Oaka

To easily pay of oaka\'s dept, you can go to guadosalam in chapter two from time to time to see if the guy in the inn to the right has any data. before you ask the guy behind the counter in the inn, save at the save sphere and then ask the guy at the coun

Skip intermission sequences

After pausing the game during an intermission sequence, then push Square to skip the current scene.

Completion bonus

After finishing the game you will unlock the "New Game+" bonus at the main menu. Select this option to start a new game with all characters keeping the items that were obtained during your first game.

Chapter 5 Defeating Behemoth

Cast Auto-Reflect, so that the Thunder that Behemoth casts will hurt itself. REMEMBER: You may need a White Mage to dispel his Mighty Guard.

How to beat Anima

When facing Anima in Chapter 5, all he does is attack and Pain. If you cannot defeat him by healing and hacking, level up and try again.

How to beat Bahamut

Use a highly advanced special Dress Sphere and heal when he counts down for the big attack. REMEMBER: This will be a long battle.

Gippal's Sphere

This sphere is difficult to obtain. You must make Rin the culprit in The Mi'ihen Mystery (Chapters 4/5). He will give you Gippal's sphere in Chapter 5.