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Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light


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A Great Fantasy

posted by Angelina (BEAVERTON, OR) Nov 13, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

9 out of 9 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light is a surprisingly fun game. I had my doubts about it; games such as Final Fantasy 3 for the DS and Final Fantasy 1 & 2 for the GBA were also created by Square Enix as a "new retro game." But The Four Heroes of Light improved on all the flaws FF 3, 1, & 2 were burdened by.

The game's pace is very well balanced. Perhaps it was because of the cute, attention grabbing graphics, but I found the story to be much more interesting than other retro FF games, even though the plot was very similar to other FF games. And the difficulty level, though sometimes it may be a little tough for beginner players, is well balanced throughout the game. Even though as a retro game there is less narrative and dialogue, it only makes the game more fluid and fast paced.

Like in every FF game, you can customize your characters with different jobs/classes, and The Four Heroes of Light's Crown system works excellently. I found the jobs to be fun and interesting, and being able switch between jobs on the fly made the jobs easy without having to worry about job points or immediately having to decide on your character's job.

FF: The Four Heroes of Light is so well made I forget that I'm playing a "retro" game. It never feels boring and is always challenging. Square Enix has succeeded in a making a simple, yet fulfilling role playing game.

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GF Rating

Very Good

I gave it a chance and glad I did

posted by bellingham (BELLINGHAM, WA) Nov 7, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I have been trying RPG after RPG trying to find a turn-based games. I was excited to try Four Heros of Light. Before you rent, some things you may want to know.

Split storylines coming together. You play with multiple characters for a while, and they become separated; then you play as one for a while, and then switch to the other's journey until they meet up again. This occurs several times with different combos of the 4 main heroes. This keeps it interesting.

Job Classes - Classes are always fun, allowing you to custom design your party. Of course they are all unlocked as the game progresses, some requiring side-quests.

AP System- instead of magic or tech points, you have 5 Action Points, and different actions require 1-4 points. you can boost your AP by skipping a turn or each turn you gain back 1. I prefer this to running out of magic points and having to carry around ethers.

Difficulty - you will be leveling a lot. You cannot carry more than 15 items at a time, which adds to difficulty since 4 slots are your equipment, and 2-3 are your spell books.

Music - music is repetitive and unoriginal. They could have at least used the classic Final Fantasy victory tune!

Plot - Basically you are trying to lift a curse on your town and have to jump hurdles and please people along the way. Not too deep, no character development or histories.

Elementalism - it is easy to get stuck in a dungeon with the wrong elemental weapons and armor and that will make it difficult.

No Guidance - there is very little guidance on what to do next or where to go.

At first I was having trouble liking this game because you cannot target you attacks or spells. I realized that this forces me to develop a different battle strategy, and any game that makes you re-think is a good one. I don't care about graphics; these are unimpressive, but despite all the frustration I find myself looking forward to being able to play again. The first rent I've kept for a while.

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GF Rating


Classic Final Fantasy

posted by Papercaper (DELTONA, FL) Oct 22, 2010

Member since May 2007

7 out of 8 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

This game has a very classic Final Fantasy feel to it. This game will never live up to four or six but it certainly has its charm.

Gameplay: The gameplay is final fantasy style classic random battles and a simple turn based action point system makes it even more simple to understand. The only issues is you level up extremely slowly and some of the bosses are very difficult. The other flaws are the lack of inventory space. Each character only has 15 inventory slots which can make picking up items in dungeons very annoying because once you are out of room you can just see chests and have to decided what can you throw away for a mystery item that your not sure you would really want.

Story: Basically your four heroes whose hometown is under a curse from a witch and everyone in the place has been turned to stone from here each of our heroes takes its own path and tries to find a way to solve the issue with the town. In the end of course working together they have the best chance. The story is light and is actually pretty good but it is not very well told and can lack depth at times.

Music: The music is great very pretty but it is not Uematsu and at times its is pretty obvious and yet in other times the music is great I especially like the daytime nighttime music transition.

Overall: The game is a classic FF title made for the fans of the classic old 8 and 16 bit era fans. The story is not as good but has its charm though it starts off really slowly. This game is not for everyone and can be very frustrating if you are new to the genre I would suggest any other titles however Veterans will feel right at home.

The game has multi-player but I would never use it. I am not sure why its such a huge focus to add this to RPGs when their main focus is to tell a fun story while exploring a cool world and dungeons. Oh well guess some people can't play a game unless its with others.

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