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An excellent remake with technical issues

posted by Garylisk (SAINT LOUIS, MO) Oct 12, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

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If you enjoyed the original FF Tactics on Playstation 1, chances are you will enjoy this as well, with the minor exception of some slowdown issues. The added custscenes, features, and classes make for a very solid game, but any special attack or item with any sort of movement or particle effects essentially cuts the framerate in half and makes the game animation move slowly. This can get quite obnoxious.

But with patience, this game should be enjoyed.

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Some classics don't port well

posted by Vignirsson (SANTA CRUZ, CA) Oct 14, 2007

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And that is what I am saying to myself after playing this. It was a good idea to try and port this over, but there are some issues that leave it wanting and make the PSOne version that much better.

Story is the same story as before, Ramza's epic struggle against the world and himself, so on and so forth. If you have played the original, then you know what this is all about.

Gameplay is the same as well, grid movement and attacks accordingly. However, where it suffers here is the lag time on special moves. Where as the PSOne version suffered from lagging special moves late in the game, it was slight. I shouldn't have to painfully wince when I watch a basic spell like Fire grind gameplay to a halt.

All other attacks are hyper speed, same as movement. Speech reads nice and clean and sprite movement, even though it is still slightly dated, is nice and smooth. Not sure why they had problems with the special moves, but they did.

Graphics are dated, if you are used to the high quality and detail on current gen systems, you will probably be disappointed by the look of the sprites. If you grew up playing this game, you will feel the heart warming smile creep on your face as you see Ramza move on the screen.

The extras are interesting but not a deal maker. The cutscenes are quality sketch and cross hatch style animation, but certainly do feel tacked on. The new characters that exist are not a deal maker for me either, but then I didn't like Final Fantasy XII at all. Your mileage may very with this statement.

All in all, it was a good attempt, but the flaws in this could be just enough to turn away some people as well as the dated graphics. I loved the original and I will probably break it out to play it again after writing this interview. Sometimes classics should just remain that way, you know? Stop trying to bring back the dead to milk more money out of them...

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Best PSP Game So Far

posted by CaptPidge (GRAND FORKS, ND) Oct 19, 2007

Member since Aug 2007

4 out of 8 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

if ya loved the original this is one you need for your psp

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