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One of the best tactical RPGs ever

posted by Pathos (PASADENA, CA) Oct 11, 2007

Member since Dec 2005

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Final Fantasy Tactics is one of those cult classics that graced the PSX and never saw wide release. Its re-release on the PSP is a good, but not great translation of the original game. Thankfully the original is so amazingly spectacular that it makes up for any lack of technical prowess in the remake.

FFT is, simply put, one of the best Tactical RPGs ever made. In fact, it might be one of the best RPGs ever made - it has a deep and politically-minded plot, memorable characters and a pretty decent length. The combat system is exemplary and is honestly enjoyable enough to sink hundreds of hours into. This is one of those rare games where the gameplay, music, storyline AND art direction are all absolutely top notch.

The PSP remake is good, but not great. The retranslation helps a lot, as the original release was so badly translated that I played through it 4-5 times and never really quite figured out some of the subplot intricacies due to botched English. The new FMVs are a great addition and really fit the style well. Oddly, though, there are some technical issues that still remain: Some slowdown, some de-sync'd sound, things like that. The multiplayer is also not quite as good as it could be.

Conclusion: Get this game. FFT is so good that you could play it with sticks in a sandbox and it would still be fun. Thankfully this remake is much, much better than that. Now I just have to go back to praying for FFT2.

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Very Good

Remake Decent, But Fail to Give Justice

posted by eziel110 (HAHIRA, GA) Nov 8, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

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New remake of the cinemas are really GREAT!
Game graphics are same as classic.
Cleaned up story line and language translation.
Portable :)

New classes are really not that great.
Multiplayer aspect forces you to play multiplayer for hidden items.
Screen is sometimes difficult to get use to and adjust.
Control function is a little different and takes a little time to get accustom to.

Overall I have put 100 hours into this game and it is still one of my favorite Final Fantasy games in the series. The best thing is being able to play it anywhere. But the remake doesn't do the classic much justice.

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One of the best rpg's is back

posted by Chuku1981 (FREDERICK, MD) May 25, 2008

Member since Jul 2007

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I've played this several times over back as a PSone title loving each moment of it.

Playing it again was truly a hit of nostalgia. There's been a few changes to this title, some fantastic, some "Eh". The "eh" changes are a lot of the dialogue has been paraphrased, some has been replaced for a better feel. (Sadly I remember a good portion of the old dialogue) ex. In the opening scene, after a kidnapping twas shouted "Blame yourself, or god!" A nice powerful line, now been changed to dialogue from the kidnapper to the victim. (giving the kidnapper more of a caring "Please co-operate, this truly is for your own good" feel.

Also, another "eh" aspect that has been changed is the spell casting. Seemingly 5% of the time when a spell was cast for the PSone the words have been taken out. (aka "Time has come, crash down upon the wicked, Meteor!" "Refreshing breeze, blow in energy, Cure!" Etc) though, that I can live without easily.

Some of the "olde English" dialogue has been toned down a bit. Turning the characters speech from "Macbeth" to "Lord of the rings". Though the remaining fact as to what makes this story so great above other rpgs is the brilliantly Shakespearean storyline is perfectly intact.

Now a huge wow, and most obviously changed aspect. There are now beautifully done cutscenes. (Apart from the charging 'chocobo-knights' in the beginning of the original) the cutscenes are FANTASTICALLY drawn. And voice acting is beyond good, and so fitting to the characters and time-period. (by all means youtube it to seen what I mean)

One bad thing I suppose couldn't be helped. Some lag w/ in battle effects. Newcomers and people who weren't overly fanatic probably wouldn't even realize it, but graphically heavy spells lag a bit, for instance, cure3(now curaga) before would take 3 seconds for cast animation, now takes 3.5-4 secs.

All in all, a great second take on something so near flawless to begin with.

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