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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

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Gameplay Controls

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Control Pad Move the cursor (Hold down the B Button to move faster)
A Button Select command
B Button Cancel command. Cancel clan symbol move.
L Button Display list of laws
R Button Display info on selected region
Start/Pause Open system menu. Select = Display command help.

Control Pad Switch between character units
A Button Select command
B Button Cancel command
L Button Field View Mode, Show the battlefield and check enemy unit status.
R Button Display player unit status details. Change equipment and abilities.
Start/Pause Begin battle. Select = Display all laws in effect.

Control Pad Move cursor
A Button Select command. Display unit commands and status. Move cursor to active unit.
B Button Cancel command. Show unit's move range.
L Button Use shortcuts defined under options.
Start/Pause Open system menu. Select = Simple status switch, Display command help.