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Very Good

A Disappointing Very Good Game

posted by Kimoon (BROOKLYN, NY) Apr 19, 2006

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My Status: 20+ Hours Played
Difficulty: Medium

Square Enix has done it again. Another excellent strategy game. This odd game has the hero trapped in a book. He is trying to get out but meets his friends and family along the way that has adopted to their new roles in a new world. Story is quasi-interesting but that isn't really the focus of this game. The game is all about Tactics as the name suggests.

The game does have plenty of tactics. 4 races and numerous classes. Not only does each race have its own advantages and disadvantage but so does each class. You need to balance magic, speed and power for each fight. Each class than will have its own set of moves that you will have to learn which you can than unleash on the battlefield.

The battles are fought on a standard grid based system. You will want to flank the enemey much as possible while you avoid being flanked. You will want to keep your magicians and archers out of harms way while they whittle down hit points of opposing enemies. The game fights are fun to play through as are the story missions.

Outside of battle you will buying items and looking for missions to go on. There is a lot to do an the game the boast 150 missions. Of course a lot them are just sending a character and he comes back to tell you how he did but even these assignment have a leve of strategy behind it.

The game is a great for any strategy fan. However if you ever played the original Final Fantasy Tactics this game just doesn't add up to par. It isn't because the original tactics was on a superior machine that allowed for better graphics or better sound it just that the original had a simple class system that made each class fun to play yet very unique. With the addition of races, there is a level of complexity to each class and oddly they don't feel as unique. In fact a lot of class skills overlap which was never the case in the original.

On its own merit this is a great game but it isn't as good as the original.

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Very Good

Ye old FF Tactics?

posted by Lizard (COLUMBIA, SC) Feb 14, 2008

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I was a big fan of the original Final Fantasy Tactics on the PlayStation so this review will tend to have some of the nostalgic bias from that. It will be a Comparison between the two. First off a little intro for those not familiar with FF tactics.

Final Fantasy Tactics is a turn based game where you battle a opposing set of enemies by using strategic unit placement, flanking and abilities. Your character can move a set amount per turn and can attack or use an ability once. Victory usually requires you to defeat all enemies on the board.

Ok with that out of the way here are my Pros to FFT Advance.
- All of the great parts of the battle system has remained intact.
- New combo system allows for even more strategic options
- A new storyline to conquer that is fairly decent. I particularly like the imaginative feel of it, being lost in a fantasy world.
- The controls are great and the battle view is as it should be with no view problems at all considering its a handheld.

Its not a perfect game, here are my cons.
- The new law system is more often then not just a frustrating add on. When you can't use "fight" you will see what I mean (Though to it's defense it does add tactical diversity)
- The new storyline while not bad, just doesn't have that feel that the old tactics had.
- The Storyline can get lost from time to time between clan wars and non story specific missions.
- Sometimes the miss rate can make you wanna pull out your hair. While flanking is very important, sometimes you just can't and your enemies from the front feel as if they could dodge bullets.

Overall I say give this game a try, both new players to FF tactics and old can enjoy it. It definitely is one of a kind.

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Very Good

A good time-taker

posted by Xerixeb (NEWPORT, NC) Dec 31, 2007

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When i got theis game, it was a little scepticle.
ive never played a strategy game with this format, but it proved to be quite enjoyable. the story is pretty good, though there has been better on console games, and the gameplay was interesting. one thing that i like in all final fantasies i play is a job system, since it mixes up the combat, and this game delivers on that with 5 different races to play as and each with their own set of classes.
however, the gameplay gets alittle repetitive as you go on and side missions become more and more monotonous, and laws, rules made by ingame 'judges' that restrict a certain action such as using techniques or items, add more of a frustrating element then innovative. in short, this is a game i would rather rent than keep in the long term and play mostly to spend time on something.

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