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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Getting easy experience

Engage in a battle. Kill all the enemies except for one. Make sure he/she is no threat to your characters. Try to box them into a corner. Then, take your highest level character(s) and have lower levels use potions on them. If the weak character and the strong character are 10 levels apart when the little one uses a potion on the big one you should get 30 experience points. This is an easy way to level.

Getting easy experience

Make Marche a Thief with the EXP Steal item. Then, go to a store and buy lots of Phoenix Downs. Engage with a clan. When you kill someone, have someone use the Phoenix Down on the character. Then, kill them again, or Steal EXP. Repeat until you are ready to quit, then finish them all off.Have at least two Moogles that know the Jugglers technique Smile. Then, have them cast that on the other Moogle who knows it. Do this repeatedly to get unlimited experience.Go to the second Totema battle (Hot Awakening) on a day when Charm is forbidden by law. The Ultima crystals can now only attack your characters with very weak damaging attacks. If you do not go directly next to them, they will not be able to attack you at all. You can now use first aid or other skills to gain unlimited experience points without fear of being killed.

Getting easy AP

Limit your clan team members to only the ones you use, which should be about one of each race. Then, Montblanc will put up a mission asking for help to patrol and get a new member. This takes only five days and you will get 20 AP. All you need to do is decline him/her and a new one will soon appear.

Getting easy money

Notice that when you get Shara or Ritz, they come equipped with Ribbons which can be sold for 20,000 gil or equipped for protection from all status ailments (but for Viera only). Get Shara and Ritz, unequip their Ribbons and any other expensive or desired items, then dismiss them. Later on, a mission in the pub will appear to get Shara or Ritz back. Take that mission and get one of them back. They will be equipped with Ribbons again. Take the Ribbons off and dismiss them again. The mission in the pub will never go away.

Getting easy kills

Get a Viera to a Sniper. Give it a Hades Bow and teach them Death Sickle. This does work frequently, but requires about three or four turns. It will be a one hit kill. Use this skill under Sharpshot and if it hits, they will be dead quickly.

Getting easy kills

Have someone use any move that can stop someone in time on an enemy. Then, have someone with an instant death move such as the Alchemist move Death on a enemy. The attack will have a 100% accuracy every time. REMEMBER: This might not work on Bosses.

Getting easy kills

When you have a Gunner in your party, line up with an enemy, and attack a person behind it. REMEMBER: This only works with an ally or enemy directly lined up with you. You can also do this with Archers if you aim correctly.

Getting easy recruiting

Use the Ally Finder or Ally Finder2 on any mission to dramatically increase your chance of finding a recruit or ally. You will have about a 90% chance of getting a recruit. The Ally Finder 2 appears to increase you chances even further. REMEMBER: If you are trying to get a semi-secret character that requires an item for them to become unlocked, Use the Ally Finder(2) as your second mission item. For example, to get Lini bring 1: The Hero Gaol, 2: Ally Finder(2).

Alchemist Item ability

An Alchemist has an item ability no matter what. You can have a second ability such as Sage and the item ability as well.

Animist Arrow defense

If you have an Animist with the S-ability Block Arrows (Green Berrete), make him a Juggler and equip him with Power Sash to learn the much better S-Ability: Return Fire. This throws back any arrows shot at him. Alternately, you can do this before giving him Block Arrows as an Animist.

Marche Powerful character

Make Marche a Hunter and teach him Sonic Boom. Then, make a Paladin. Because Double-Sword allows him to hold the Excalibur2 and Nagrarok, he will have a 563 weapon attack. Give him "Hunt" as his secondary A-Ability. He can now use Sonic Boom as a Paladin. It is a long-range area attack, which does about 400 damage to all targets.